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What is it?

Created in collaboration with the Grains Research and Development Corporation (GRDC), the TEKFARM-Global program provides innovative, international tech ventures with the opportunity to connect, collaborate and scale new technologies in the Australian market.

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Are you an international tech company with a solution for the Australian grains industry?


Connecting innovative international technology ventures with the Australian grains industry

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Undertake supported tech trials, cost benefit analysis and refined value proposition

The Opportunity

Farmers2Founders and GRDC will invite successful international agrifood tech ventures to test their technology in the Australian grains industry. The initial pilot project will run in the first half of 2022.

You will have the opportunity to:

Learn about Australian market conditions, build a local team and gain access to infrastructure to establish a business in Australia

Connect to industry and research partners and gain exposure to investors including GrainInnovate

Access facilitated introductions to end-user customers and build route-to-market via customer validation

Develop marketing and commercialisation assets and build an enhanced profile in the Australian market

Are you an international tech company with a solution for the Australian grains industry?



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Australian grain farmers

Challenge Areas

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Develop new, novel, high-value uses of products and by-products targeted at plant-based alternatives, human health, nutrition and allergenicity, high-value feed uses, new industrial uses, or biofuels


Maintain and improve the price of Australian grain through differentiation based on: advanced genetics, functionality, food safety and traceability, sustainability of production, reduced downgrading, new and/or enhanced grain classification processes and optimal management of biosecurity issues


Create new technologies that reduce labour costs and/or improve the efficiency of repetitive tasks such as seeding, fertilizing, spraying and harvesting 


Provide solutions that enable grain growers to optimise costs, increase profitability and manage risk through new engineering solutions and data-informed decision making

Do you have an innovative tech solution that solves a challenge in the Australian grains industry?

Check out the key industry priorities below!


Read more on GRDC's Strategic Priorities here:

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State of the Industry

GRDC is currently committed to a five-year Research, Development and Extension Plan 2018-2023, designed to create enduring profitability for Australian grain growers.


This creates significant opportunity for investment in innovation, with key investment targets set to focus on innovations and technologies that can improve yield and yield stability, maintain and improve price, optimise input costs, reduce post-farm-gate costs and manage risk to maximise profit and minimise losses. 

The opportunities in the Australian grains industry make it the ideal time to test new technology in an established and continually growing market.

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