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Accelerating and scaling drought resilience technologies


Accelerated Adoption

The Future Drought Fund (FDF) is an investment by the Australian Government to build drought resilience in Australia’s agriculture sector, landscapes and communities.


TEKFARM is a grant recipient through the FDF Better Practices Program, focusing on the Extension and Adoption of Drought Resilience Farming Practices.

We aim to reduce the complexity of agtech and increase it's adoption among Australian farmers, ultimately leading to more efficient and sustainable farms, with increased resilience to droughts.

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Cotton Field

The Agtech Adoption Challenge

Clear Value Propositions

It can be difficult for farmers to understand how agtech can be practically applied to their specific farming operations, and what the benefits will be. 


At TEKFARM, we take the time to understand a grower’s unique farming challenges and goals, before mapping them to the right solutions. We work with tech companies to develop case studies and cost-benefit analyses, demonstrating their value.

Technical Capability

Weighing up different agtech solutions and connectivity options can be complex. We work to demystify these technologies, breaking down concepts into understandable terms, and providing training and guides.


Trusted intermediaries such as agronomists, industry organisations, grower groups and consultants are incorporated within the adoption journey to assist with the practical application of technologies.

Limited Global Transfer

Many farmers may feel  disconnected from global advancements in agtech, with limited resources to research what’s out there and working. 


TEKFARM is connected to a global network of agritech industry bodies, and we introduce and establish a number of carefully selected high-quality companies to the Australian market each year through our Gateway programs.


With our collaboration partners we can deliver a step-change in the adoption of drought resilience technologies, by making agtech more approachable, practical and globally connected.

The adoption of technology presents a significant opportunity for Australian agriculture to improve profitability, with digital technologies alone predicted to increase GVP by 25% to $20 billion. Australian agriculture aims to become a $100 billion industry by 2030 and farmers are increasingly feeling the pressure to be more innovative, adaptive and technologically equipped to reach these targets.


As a result, there has been a rapid growth in new agtech innovations and entrants into the industry from non-traditional players, bringing with it several adoption challenges fro farmers:

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By developing your knowledge and skills in agtech you can offer even more value to your clients and play an active role in building drought resilience in the agricultural sector.​


Our TEKFARM training program equips you with the knowledge and tools to become recognised technology advisors.


Confidently guide your clients in choosing and implementing the right solutions for optimised farm performance and drought resilience.

Agronomist Farmer

If you are a farmer interested in technology for integration on your farm, but unsure how to get started, our process is simple. ​


We work with you to uncover problems and frustrations that could be solved with technology solutions. We then connect you with a selection of vetted technology providers and can take the pressure off your budget with subsidised purchase options.​


We will ensure you receive any necessary training, and continue to check in and support you after the technology has been implemented.

Technology Providers

Do you have a commercially ready solution that supports drought resilience of Australian farmers?


We can assist with increased awareness and uptake, connecting you with customers where your technology could make a real difference.​ At TEKFARM, we leverage our networks and deep industry expertise to provide insights, guidance and unique pathways to adoption for commercially ready agtech companies.


Involvement in TEKFARM will help you communicate the value of your technology through real case studies and testimonials to further drive the success and growth of your business.





Book a call with the TEKFARM team so that we can answer any questions you may have.

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