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TEKLAB VIC: First cohort of entrepreneurs gear up to solve big challenges with agtech

Updated: Oct 5, 2022

10 teams of aspiring entrepreneurs and founders are ready to test and validate their ideas to help solve some of the big challenges facing the agricultural industry using technology.

From drones and robots to waterproofing, weatherproofing and labour saving ideas, we know this cohort is looking to make a positive impact on one of Australia's biggest industries.

These teams form part of our inaugural TEKLAB VIC program with support from Agriculture Victoria and LaunchVIC. This cohort is the first in a series of TEKLAB VIC pre-accelerator programs looking specifically at agtech solutions that solve challenges on farm and for the industry, and are based in Victoria.

Let’s take a look at some of the great agtech concepts coming through…

Gabriel Thelen - Euroa, Victoria

Gabriel is a researcher who has developed an MVP for his business Adaptigrow, through his Masters coursework. Adaptigrow is a compact hydroponic, self-regulating growth solution with applications in teaching/research and the commercial market. He wants to develop a product for teaching students handout coding and the future of agriculture.

James and Paul Diamond - Regional Victoria

Brothers James and Paul are 3rd generation livestock producers and have produced a platform called AirAgri which allows farmers to create a digital twin of their property.

Patrick Blampied - Geelong, Victoria

Partick is an entrepreneur and inventor at Sequence Digital - they have created a waterproof, general-purpose scientific research instrument designed for environmental sensing and device control in harsh remote locations.

Shane Ivanusic - Melbourne, Victoria

Shane heads up the team at Inspire 360 Australia who are a contracted supplier of Smart Innovative solar powered IoT's with many different capabilities. The team are looking to pivot the technology to the agricultural sector.

Vivian Wang - Melbourne, Victoria

Vivian, supported by her team members Jeff and Wenyu, is an entrepreneur with an idea to develop smart farm capabilities by deploying 5G IoT devices, AI algorithms, big data and blockchain technology to increase the efficiency and productivity of the farm.

Francisco Chadid - Melbourne, Victoria

Francisco is a research student and aspiring entrepreneur who is developing image recognition technology based on machine learning and applying it to palm trees to detect diseases at an early stage such as bud rot that brings devastating consequences to growers.

Yasin Gulec - Strath Creek, Victoria

Yasin is a producer who is developing a drone spraying service for farming properties with difficult terrain.

Blake Edwards - Yakandandah, Victoria

Blake is a tech developer and leader of the Leading Edge Engineer team who have developed a highly-scalable product that allows anyone to measure their surface-water methane emissions and better inform themselves of where they stand in the new carbon economy, while also providing a range of other key details about the health of their water storages.

Simon Burt - Mornington Peninsula, Victoria

Simon heads up the team at LB Agtech where they are working on a platform called BeeSTAR. BeeSTAR will be a trusted platform to certify and sell real Australian honey, which is harvested from the cleanest place on the planet to the global market. BeeSTAR provides the best conditions for honey to be sold on the global market whilst helping beekeepers to manage their hives in the smartest, most economical, and environmental way.

Samantha Wan - Milbrook, Victoria

A professional in the wool sales industry, Samantha is applying her knowledge of wool qualities as an entrepreneur to create a wool product to repel slugs, reducing or even eliminating the need for pesticides, for the garden.

👉🏾 If you think you have idea that might ‘cut the mustard’, sign up here to be notified when our recruitment season opens.

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