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Farmers2Founders Kicks Off AGtivate Regional Innovation Series in Tamworth

Updated: Nov 6, 2023

Farmers2Founders is thrilled to invite you to the launch of our AGtivate Regional Innovation Series, kicking off in Tamworth on Thursday, 23rd November.

Our agriculture industry currently faces a raft of formidable challenges such as labour shortages, climate variability and global supply chain pressures, and they’re expected to worsen in the coming decades.

However, at Farmers2Founders we believe that innovative technology is a critical tool for helping us to address these significant challenges. We believe that the agriculture industry is not solely a place for farmers – it's an open field for all - and aim to develop the next generation of farm innovations through collaborations between farmers, entrepreneurs, technologists and anyone else who's wanting and willing to help.

That’s why we’re launching AGtivate - a series designed to bring together solution-focused people keen on exploring technology innovation in agriculture to address the big challenges in our industry.


Date: Thursday 23rd November 2023

Venue: Mercure Hotel Tamworth

Tickets: REGISTER HERE - this one-day event is free, but seats are limited and registration is essential.

Know a startup who would like to pitch to our investor network at the “Pitch To Paddock” event in the evening? Apply here by Friday 10th November 2023.


Media Release - Tuesday 24th October 2023

Farmers2Founders Kicks Off AGtivate Regional Innovation Series in Tamworth

Tamworth is set to be the hub of agricultural technology and innovation next month as Farmers2Founders launches a new AGtivate Regional Innovation Series on Thursday, 23rd of November at the Mercure Tamworth.

The AGtivate series is about bringing together solution-focused people keen on exploring technology innovation in agricultural, amidst industry challenges.

“Tamworth's region, a vibrant hub of producers, entrepreneurs, industry experts and technologists, makes it the ideal place to start the series. We've made attendance free to ensure everyone can participate,” stated Matt Anderson, Manager of Agritech Projects at Farmers2Founders.

Matt Anderson, Manager of Agritech Projects at Farmers2Founders. Photo supplied by AgriFutures evokeAG

The event is anchored in three key principles: Identify real problems through an insightful farm tour and producer panel, collaborate in an engaging Hackathon, and innovate at the Pitch in a Paddock showcase. Attendees have the flexibility to register for the entire day or opt for specific sessions.

After a local farm visit, participants reconvene at the Mercure Tamworth for the Hackathon, where innovative agtech solutions are developed and presented. The top solution will earn a place in the Farmers2Founders TEKLAB Pre-Accelerator Program, valued at $20,000, coupled with mentorship opportunities.

“At our hackathon, attendees will be presented with a specific problem statement highlighting a pressing issue within the agricultural sector. Participants will then collaboratively dive into the challenge, blending their unique industry insights and experiences to ideate and craft viable solutions. If you’ve never been part of such an event, this is a prime opportunity to network, co-create, learn, and even influence the industry's future,” shared Mr Anderson.

Skye Raward, Co-Founder & Director Farmers2Founders (left) Dr Christine Pitt Founder & Managing Director Farmers2Founders (right)

The evening’s Pitch in the Paddock session in collaboration with Regional Angel Investor Network (RAIN) invites participants with existing agtech solutions relevant to the region to join in or be observers.

“This showcase offers regional agtech startups the unique chance to connect with investors and mentors. It's not just about recognition – there's real investment potential on the table,” emphasised Mr Anderson.

The momentum from recent pitch events has been remarkable, with RAIN investors committing funds at every event over the last three months.


About Farmers2Founders

Farmers2Founders is dedicated to positioning producers at the forefront of industry innovation. Through events, resources, and support, it aims to foster startups that can bring about transformative change in the agriculture and allied sectors.

For media inquiries, please contact Emma Williams, 0400 550 003

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