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2024 Accelerator Cohort

Farmers2Founders is pleased to announce the National Accelerator Cohort for 2024.

These exceptional founders are utalising technology to create real impact in the Australian agriculture sector, and beyond.

From reducing agricultural emissions to monitoring livestock with drones, biostimulants, insects, AI and data-driven decision making tools, this cohort will embark on an accelerated journey of scaling an agtech startup, fast tracking customer growth and raising investment.

To follow their journey, make sure you are following Farmers2Founders on LinkedIn.


Drone-Hand - Edward Barraclough

Drone-Hand is the first commercially available, user friendly, AI driven, automated flight-app for livestock and total property monitoring.

ARC Ento Tek - Ramon Atayde

ARC Ento Tek’s unique waste processing technology utilises an innovative insect farming process that provides an environmentally sustainable and commercially viable solution to creating resources from problematic and challenging waste streams.

FieldMicro - Mitch Brownlie and Roelof Steyn

FieldMicro solves the problem of wasted man hours and natural resources by developing the most straightforward and cost effective solution to farm automation.

Aquacultr - Mat Goddard and Ellie Henry

Aquacultr produces modular, smart aquatic farming systems that address demand for sustainable, high quality, healthy seafood.

Food2Soil - Josie Grenfell and Annabel Schweiger

Food2Soil is an organic, biologically alive fertiliser made from recycled food waste.

MagrowTec - James Turtle

MagrowTec is a spraying technology that helps farmers make more of less.

Young Henry's Beer Positive - Richard Adamson, Andrew Blizzard and Adam Bumpus

Young Henry’s aims to capture carbon and sequestering technology that converts a waste stream into a product that benefits animal and farmers by reducing agricultural emissions.

Platypus Vision - Robert Martin

Platypus Vision empowers farmers, distributors, and consumers with transparent and data-driven decisions.

Spinitek - Jock McRae

Spinitek was created with the vision of developing biotechnology products, with a focus on renewable plant resources and a circular nutrient economy.

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