The Farmers2Founders Bootcamp is a 6 month business support program for producer-led startups and SMEs who are looking for resources and support to accelerate their growth.


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Farm Service Manager

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Farm Service Manager (FSM) is a digital logbook that helps farmers manage their machinery service records. The app helps growers manage the service history for all makes and models of machinery, thereby increasing resale value, preventative maintenance, workplace health and safety, and ultimately boosting productivity across the farm. 

Bootcamp Highlights

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Increased monthly revenue by 40%

200+ new subscribers

Established digital marketing system to find and convert leads

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FarmSimple is a cloud-based farm management system built by farms, for farmers.  The system includes simple tools for all aspects of broadacre farming operations, helping managers make better decisions and perform all record keeping activities in one place.

Bootcamp Highlights

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7x increase in monthly revenue

3x increase in active users on app

Raised $200,000 equity investment

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Outback Lamb


Outback Lamb, led by award-winning, 2019 Farmer of the Year, Fiona Aveyard, produces single origin, pasture-raised lamb. Fiona has identified the importance of moving beyond a pure commodity offering and sees an opportunity to develop value-added products.

Bootcamp Highlights

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Doubled the value of her lamb

Begun negotiations with butchers and a large gourmet retailer to stock Outback Lamb products

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Bitwise Agronomy

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BitWise Agronomy makes vineyard management easier, allowing managers to have “eyes on” without having to visually inspect every row. By using imagery and analysis tools to assess vineyard health, it allows growers to make data-informed, strategic decisions.

Bootcamp Highlights

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Launched fundraising and secured $155,000 from angel investors

Signed up commercial trials representing over $150,000 revenue

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Raw Food Hub


Raw Food Hub provides a sales and marketing service that sells produce for certified and small local organic farms direct to consumers who otherwise struggle to find a consistent, high quality supply of organic produce.  Raw Food Hub is part of The Synchronicity Group

Bootcamp Highlights

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Raised $250,000 equity investment

1200% increase in revenue

Hired 10 new staff

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QCamel is the world's first and only organic certified camel dairy company, producing a range of milk and skin care products. QCamel began in the camel dairy industry with milk products, offering a range of milk and chocolate products. The business has recently diversified into skin care and cosmetics made of camel milk and Australian native botanicals.

Bootcamp Highlights

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Increased local food and dairy sales by 4x

Signed a distributor to launch the skincare line in Singapore

Farm tourism increased by 30%

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Garlicious Grown


Jenny and Cathy produce black garlic. Using white garlic that is cooked at a low temperature and high humidity for 30 days, Garlicious Grown produces a line of award winning, chemical free, gourmet black garlic products such as salad dressings, aioli’s and pastes. 

Bootcamp Highlights

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Increased revenue by 100% year on year

Commenced supplying to HelloFresh and MarleySpoon

Doubled online sales from 6 months prior

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