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Australian Agritech Launchpad Welcomes UK Cohort

Australia’s agriculture industry is on track to be a $100 billion industry by 2030, creating a perfect launchpad for UK businesses to connect, collaborate and scale in Australia’s diverse and rapidly growing agritech market.

In partnership with Innovate UK Edge and GROW Singapore, Farmers2Founders has deployed a Global Incubator Program to support British entrepreneurs to confidently explore scaling their businesses to Australia.

Farmers2Founders is excited to announce the first cohort of the Gateway To Australia Program, welcoming eight innovative UK agritech scaleups to participate in the hybrid program, which will plug into the Australian agritech ecosystem and engage with local Australian agtech businesses; industry bodies and investors to help build global supply chains and business models that can be operated on a global scale.

The following teams have been selected from over 30 applications to join this inaugural program.

Biomation Ltd - Paul Smith

At Biomation Ltd we take organic waste from the meat, dairy, poultry and fish industries and encapsulate it into Aquagrain an organic based soil improver that absorbs and releases water. Aquagrain is food and drink for plants and allows crops to be grown in arid environments with free daring soils, with a fraction of the water and inorganic fertiliser usually required, essentially delivering more crops, with less water.

Biotangents Limited - Ross McDermid

At Biotangents we are developing next generation molecular diagnostics assays and devices for livestock using isothermal amplification technology. Our initial test identifies Bovine Viral Diarrhea (BVDV) accurately, quickly and cost effectively but our Mastitis assay and on-farm/in-clinic device, we believe, will radically improve dairy herd management - reduce antibiotic usage, better inform treatment decisions and increase sustainability through rapid, highly specific and cost-effective identification of the causal pathogens in clinical and sub-clinical cases.

Breedr Limited - James Law

We are an agri-tech company that is digitising the global livestock supply chain and empowering farmers to improve productivity, profitability and reduce emissions. We aim to transform the way farmers manage their businesses, through our proprietary livestock management platform, online trading facility and finance fund.

Crover Ltd - Lorenzo Conti

Crover is centred around the commercialisation of the first proprietary technology for locomotion in bulk solids (e.g. sand, grains, powders), through which the Crover team has developed the world’s first ‘granular drone’ (i.e. a CROVER), in the sense of a device able to move through bulk solids and powders. While potential applications of the CROVER range from the minerals industry to chemicals powders (as well as space!), Crover's first product is a system for the monitoring and management of cereal grains stored in bulk (e.g. whole barley, paddy rice in sheds and silos).

Glaia - David Benito

Glaia’s tackles the main bottleneck in agricultural productivity: the photosynthetic inefficiency of plants. With Glaia's technology, plants can make a better use of the available resources, increasing productivity with the same nutrient and energy inputs and reducing the CO2 emission per tonne of produce.

Map of Agriculture Ltd - Julian Gairdner

Map of Ag's core business is data integration and analytics using its proprietary platform-as-a-service solution Pure Farming. We link farm data with the agrifood industry to support the sector with sustainability measurement, food production transparency and productivity, and provide analytics support to our B2B customers and their farmer suppliers.

NEF is a technology licensing company, that has developed an artificial seed system (CEEDS) for crops that do not produce seed, and provides a new and disruptive means of scaling and establishing them with benefits over conventional systems.

SEaB Power Ltd - Bianca Sassow & Sandra Sassow

SEaB Energy has identified a clear need for compact, onsite food waste and agricultural waste processing for mid size farms and the food processing industry (including produce sorting/ packing facilities and abattoirs). Anaerobic digestion (‘AD’) is the most suitable process for compact, onsite use of organic waste as a resource, and SEaB is the only company that managed to develop a small-scale technology that can be applied next to or even inside of buildings, with without requiring external water, heat or electricity to run the process. This allows it to be installed in remote areas without major utility connections.

David Benito, Gateway to Australia finalist, said, “Biotangents are delighted to participate in the Global Incubator Programme for Agritech in Australia as we develop and implement our plans to launch our next-generation molecular diagnostic tests for livestock. We are excited that the programme will enable us to better understand and engage with the Australian market and accelerate the realisation of our ambitions”.

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