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PSKL: Water for All - Steve Boniwell

TNQ Hone 2023

8 May 2023

PSKL: Water for All - Steve Boniwell


Steve’s passion for soil and water conservation has led him to pursue additional education and training. Steve is also a licensed earthworks machine operator, with expertise in operating excavators, dozers, and loaders. He has experience building dams and working in quarries, which has given him a deep understanding of the land and its ecological function.
Steve is a permaculturalist and systems thinker who is always eager to learn and experiment with new ideas.

He is part of a team with Ali Bin Shahid and Mahira Asad.

Hone Journey

Steve is a passionate advocate for the rehydration and regeneration of landscapes. He firmly believes that this is the most important work of our time. He lives in the dry tropics and yearly experiences extreme runoff (80% runoff) in the wet season and long periods of dry times when the water is needed. He wanted to change extreme runoff from a destructive force to a productive force.

The current strategies concept evolved over years with many people’s input.

PSKL formed in June 2022 and has been working on various strategies rehydration, regeneration and carbon offset methodologies using the same principles. PSKL is startup looking to create great environmental, social and climate outcomes.

Over the course of the Hone Program:
PSKL has worked on their business model
Refined and clarified their pitch
MVP valve prototype.
Received extensive consultation costing resources from Regrarians.
Collaborated with Bunyip Bunyips and Regrarians
Worked on IP/Branding
Worked on their website
Ali received and assembled Bunyip Pump

Key learnings from the program was to make pitching as simple and concise as possible, particularly with the first contact.

Key Achievements from the program was gaining clarity on the business model and next steps.

PSKL is excited to implement our strategies on the ground in the near future

What's Next

PSKL aims to rehydrate and regenerate as many landscapes as possible. This decreases the severity of weather events and increases production.

What’s next, 6-12 months roadmap
Pilot site
Establish and collaborate with partners to grow faster

Program Partners

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