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Hannah Dabinett

Ideas Program 3

31 Aug 2020

Hannah Dabinett


Hannah Dabinett is a mixed farming producer (grains, livestock and horticulture) from Parilla, South Australia.

Through working in the farming business across both the office and also out in the livestock yards, Hannah identified a need for women working in the agricultural industry to have more suitable (variety, fit for purpose) and fashionable workwear options.

The idea

Hannah joined the Ideas program to establish whether her business idea was championed by others and could achieve a sustainable business model.

​Through the program, Hannah undertook customer interviews with women who were working in rural, remote or industrial roles to establish whether there was in fact pain points surrounding existing alternatives. She narrowed in on her solution to focus on versatile workwear options initially for women in farming sectors looking for more comfortable (different fabric options), aesthetically pleasing (more colourful) and better versatility of pants and ‘bottoms’.

“I altered my offering, thought more about generating a community as opposed to just a product. I now have a solid foundation to test my idea, in my landing page and a pathway to keep things moving”.

This is an excellent initiative that supports new ideas in a safe environment but also makes you step out of your comfort zone.

Program Impact

The customer discovery process and lean canvas approach implemented in the program helped Hannah to develop a much deeper understanding of her target customer and the problems they were experiencing, identified the need for building a community around her brand and increased her confidence to pursue her new venture.

Following the program, Hannah was successfully able to pitch her business idea to another 26 week intensive program specifically focused on developing fashion brands and solutions. She has a goal to launch her first product range in March 2022.

Program Partners

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