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Greenest Sustain - GrowMate

Hone TEK Program 2

25 Sept 2023

Greenest Sustain - GrowMate


Founders Karel Malbroukou and Nick Ray, along with their team, are the driving force behind Greenest Sustain and their innovative product, Growmate. Karel's technical expertise and Nick's background in sustainability workshops have converged to create an app that simplifies urban farming, fostering a connection to food sources and building a community marketplace.

Hone Journey

Before joining the Hone Program, Greenest Sustain had a solid foundation. Karel's success in growing food sparked the initial idea. The relocation challenge led to the conception of Growmate, inspired by the film "2040," with the aim of making urban farming accessible to everyone and fostering community connections.

Throughout the Hone Program, Karel and Nick refined their value proposition and honed their pitching skills. The program facilitated team expansion, bringing on additional co-founders and interns. They deepened their understanding of financial aspects, solidifying an initial business model ready for real-world testing and market validation.

Greenest Sustain seeks to impact the sector by simplifying urban farming through Growmate, connecting communities through food production, educating future generations about food sources, and reducing carbon emissions.

The Hone program has been eye opening to me through its practical bootcamp.
This allowed me to apply first hand some of the tools covered, so that I really get the value it provides!

What's Next

Currently focused on building a prototype, Greenest Sustain aims to begin testing in January with real users and engage potential partners. Over the next 6-12 months, their goals include delivering the solution to the market, expanding their user and customer base, and reaching out to suppliers to join their growing ecosystem.

Program Partners

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