Gaethan Cutri

Ideas Program 1

28 Feb 2019

Gaethan Cutri


Gaethan Cutri owns and runs Cutri Fruit- Australia’s largest stone fruit farming business. Cutri Fruit is focused on large volume production of the highest quality stone fruit, and supplies to both domestic supermarkets and overseas suppliers.

The idea

One of the biggest problems with operating such large farms is to do with labour management, and tracking the efficiencies of individual pickers. Gaethan came into the Ideas Program with a super clear understanding of the problem and why is was worth solving.

Gaethan had an idea that would allow him to remove the lowest performing pickers, and therefore improve efficiency while minimising costs. Gaethan’s idea was the gamification of fruit picking, i.e. an app that would measure and track the accuracy and speed of pickers, therefore hopefully improving the overall efficiency of the staff.

Gaethan came into the program with the goal of understanding what he is missing in order to commercialise the Pick App

Whats next

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