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TEKLAB VIC is a pre-accelerator program for aspiring Victorian entrepreneurs. We will support you as you explore, validate and commercialise your agtech idea.

You will learn the core skills needed to test your agtech startup idea quickly and cheaply and validate it with real end-users. If viable, you have the opportunity to progress your business idea through our integrated program pathways to help you build a successful startup business.

Our program also provides 1:1 business coaching, access to industry mentors and funding to help you build an agtech business. We also help you acquire your first customers, build your team and launch your first working MVP into the market.

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You might be:

  • A producer

  • A student

  • A team with a producer

  • A tech developer 

  • An aspiring entrepreneur

  • An individual or team looking to work on a solution with producers

  • A researcher/research team with an idea ready for commercialisation

Who can apply?

Our program is open to any person—or team—in Victoria with a tech idea or innovation they believe will solve a problem on a farm or for the agrifood sector.

Farmers2Founders is committed to ensuring diversity and inclusion within our cohorts. 

 Everything you need to build a successful startup - from validating your idea to growing a business. 

Our Victorian-based agtech pre-accelerator will help you quickly test and validate your startup idea with real end-users.

Our program also equips you with the tools and resources to build a successful agtech startup.

Key Information



Stage 1 TEKStart:        16 May 2022 

Stage 2 Hatch TEK:      8 August 2022 

Stage 3 Hone TEK:       17 October 2022

FREE (Government Subsidised)


A hybrid model of online and
in-person events


  • Work on your agtech business idea under the guidance of expert coaches

  • Tools and resources to support the development of your startup

  • The opportunity to progress your idea through the F2F program pathways

  • Funding to help build your agtech startup

  • Cohort-based participation

  • Access to our large network of industry mentors, experts and trusted service providers

  • Connections to end-users, intermediaries and channel/distribution partners

  • PR and participation in events


How can my tech idea be applied to agriculture?

Areas that you may apply your business idea could include:

  • Connectivity

  • Automated harvesting/robotics

  • Precision implements

  • Weed management

  • Irrigation management

  • Precision applications

  • Animal monitoring

  • Animal nutrition and health

  • Pest and disease

  • Farm management 

  • Data processing and visualization

  • In field sensing and monitoring

  • Supply chain and logistics tracking

  • Marketplace/e-commerce

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"Farmers2Founders changed our life. It was such a catalyst for us and came at a pivotal moment. We really needed that direction, the community and mentoring to help us pivot."

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How does the program work?

Our TEKLAB VIC program is structured over a 4 month period and is divided into three key stages. Anyone who submits an application will get access to our TEKstart online program. Each stage after that involves a selection process with only a specific number of participants moving through to the next stage.

We are the only agtech training provider in Australia that offers a fully integrated program pathway that can help you navigate the different stages of your business journey. We can show you how to validate your business idea, build your startup and then commercialise your business internationally.

We will be running multiple TEKLAB programs each year.

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  • Self-paced online program

  • 1:1 coaching session 

  • 15 finalists selected to progress to stage 2

Launches 16 May 2022

  • 1:1 business coaching

  • Practical group sessions

  • Expert masterclasses

  • Pitch practice

  • 10 selected to progress to stage 3 

Launches 8 Aug 2022

  • Business model design

  • Connection to strategic channel partners + customers

  • 1:1 coaching, mentoring + experts

  • High profile events + PR 

  • Post-program support

Launches 17 Oct 2022

Why should you apply to our TEKLAB VIC program?

By joining us, you are becoming a part of the largest venture creation platform in Australia
All program participants receive ongoing post-program support from us and become a part of our alumni program
You have access to real end-users via our large network of producers, industry partners, mentors and intermediaries.
We have a proven track record, producer-centric and exclusively agriculture.
We have strong industry support from 6 Research and Development Corporations.

How to apply

Click the 'APPLY NOW' button and complete the application form. Once you have submitted your form, you will receive instant access to our TEKStart online program (Stage One).


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Essential skills you'll learn

•    Agtech startup best practice
•    How to test your idea with real end-users
•    Building a sustainable business model
•    How to finance your venture/first MVP​

•    Value chain design 
•    Marketing and social media
•    Building your Go2Market strategy
•    Customer acquisition and sales
•    Pitching your business

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Key Dates

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Building Victoria's agtech startup ecosystem

Explore some of the agrifood challenges to be solved today!

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TEKLAB VIC is looking for innovative agritech ideas and concepts that will solve a problem on farm or for the agrifood sector.

If you are an individual or team, located in Victoria with an agtech idea, concept or you are an early-stage agtech startup  that is addressing any of the following industry challenges we would like to hear from you.

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Not sure where your agtech idea fits, that’s ok, we want to hear about It!

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