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Accelerating the adoption of agritech

Helping South Australian producers to find, filter and work with the right technology to solve real on-farm problems. 

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What we do

We help build agrifood tech and innovation solutions that deliver commercial benefit and industry impact across agrifood, fibre, fisheries & aquaculture

By supporting more producers to collaborate with agrifood tech developers and innovators to fast-track the development, commercialisation and uptake of agrifood solutions. 

The South Australian AgTech Strategic Plan identified an additional $2.6 billion per year to GVP of the SA agricultural sector if there was an increase in the adoption of agtech solutions.

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The Challenge

The adoption of technology presents a significant opportunity for Australian agriculture to improve profitability, with digital technologies alone predicted to increase GVP by 25% to over $20billion. 

However, this relatively new industry of agritech has stimulated unprecedented innovations and entrants by non-traditional players resulting in a number of challenges for adoption:

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Technology is not always 'fit for purpose' and agtech companies may be slow to respond to users input

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Producers don't always know where to find the technologies most suited to their farming businesses 

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Additional barriers such as connectivity, reliability, overly complex design and lack of integration.

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Value proposition of new technology is not always clear and ROI is not well defined

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Capital costs can be prohibitive to many producers

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Tech developers may lack a deep enough understanding of producer problems leading to solutions that don't fit

Helping to solve these challenges by taking the guess work out!

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Connecting innovative SA producers with proven technology solutions

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The Solution

Farmers2Founders is working with industry and government partners to help SA producers find, filter and work with hand-picked technology companies who have proven solutions that create real value on-farm. 

TEKFARM- SA will facilitate the 'matching' of:

  • SA producers from any sector who want to find, test and select the best technologies for their farming operation

  • Agritech companies with proven technologies who want to fast-track the commercialisation and uptake of their products and services

  • Agribusiness advisors and service providers who are interested in delivering more value to their farmer customers by becoming trusted intermediaries

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Interested in getting involved?

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Are you an advisor who wants to learn more?

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Taking the guess work out by matching producer problems with tech solutions

Who is it for?

Are you an innovative SA producer (from any sector) looking to find, test and select the best technologies for your business?

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Are you an agritech company looking to fast-track the commercialisation and uptake of your products and services with end customers?

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What's involved?

Farmers2Founders will:

  • Work with SA producers to assess 'adoption readiness'

  • Provide tools to increase digital capabilities and confidence to find and select the right technologies 

  • Identify agritech companies with commercial market ready solutions to participate in the F2F Tech Adoption Accelerator

  • Co-ordinate 'match ups' between producers and solution providers

  • Work with participants in facilitated adoption trials to understand benefits and issues

  • Work with agritech companies to develop strong value proposition statements and cost benefit analysis

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Why get involved?

For SA producers

Receive direct support from a range of agritech experts eg. agronomists to identify opportunities for agritech on your farm.
Connect with a wide range of vetted agritech companies with commercial ready solutions
Opportunity to participate in facilitated trials of agritech on your farm.

For Agritech companies

Connect with South Australian farmers across sectors and geographies.
Engage with a range of agronomists and agricultural groups, ready to facilitate the adoption of your technology on farm.
Gain direct insight into on farm use cases and adoption challenges.

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