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The Hone Program is where business founders and teams come together to ‘hone’ your skills, identify key elements of your business model you need to build and access the support you need to enter the market with your products and services.

It is an 8-week program to support those individuals and teams who have completed a F2F Hatch Program, a previous F2F Ideas Program or can provide evidence of customer validation.  You are at the stage where you are now ready to take the next step in building your agrifood business. 

You will get access to 1:1 business coaching, mentors and experts and funding to develop a roadmap for your new business and help you to acquire your first customers and/or trial sites, build your team and launch your first working MVP into the market.


Program coaches

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The next step in your entrepreneurial journey by turning your ideas into a real business 


Build a sustainable business model for your agrifood startup by establishing a roadmap to support your journey.

Key Information


- May 2022


- Virtual & in person if possible

What's included

- Eligible for funding of up to $3K
- Work on your business under the guidance of experienced agrifood coaches
- Access a comprehensive platform of resources and tools to support the development of your new venture
- Access to our broad network of mentors, experts, trusted professional service providers and strategic customers
- Development of your tailored 12-month roadmap


What is the Hone Program?

Program overview

Essential Skills you'll learn

The program is structured over 8 weeks and is focused on converting your idea validation (from the F2F Hatch Program) into a real business. It will help you to develop a 12-month roadmap for your new business and ‘hone’ your pitch deck.

The Hone Program provides access to funding, customised 1:1 business coaching, tailored resources and access to our network of mentors, experts and trusted service providers.

•    How to build your first team
•    How to build a sustainable business model
•    Setting up your business structure
•    How to finance your venture/first MVP

  • Understand the mechanics of investment

•    Value chain design 
•    Marketing and social media
•    How to identify your channels and strategic partners 
•    Customer acquisition and sales
•    Building on your Pitch 

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Who should apply?

The Hone Program is open to those individuals or teams that have completed a F2F Hatch Program or previous Ideas Program. 


If you have a well-developed idea and you already have evidence of customer interest and you are at the early stages of forming a real business. For example, you might be selling your product at farmers markets or you have connected with potential customers who are interested in trialling your technology.  We want to hear from you! 

If you are not a producer-led business, we would like to see how you plan to engage with producers Eg. via your team formation strategy; engaging producers as customers; producers are on your advisory board.

During the Hone Program, we will help those founders who have not yet developed these relationships with producers to develop appropriate strategies to do so. 

How to apply?

As mentioned, the F2F Hone Program is open to those participants of a previous Ideas Program, Hatch #1 or Hatch #2 Program or have evidence of early customer interest.

Expressions of Interest are open now for these individuals.


A key part of the selection process for the Hone Program is that any applicant will need to pitch for a place in the program. We will be hosting regular information and pitch practice sessions throughout Jan-March 2022.


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Apply to be part of the Hone program today!

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Hone program pathway

Hone is the second program in our F2F pathways and all participants from a F2F Hatch Program can be eligible for a place in Hone.

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Application Timeline

Apply to be part of the program early to avoid dissapointment

Phase 2:
24 Jan-28 Mar 2022


Info and pitch practice sessions

Phase 5:
2 May 2022


Program Launches

Apply to be part of the Hone program today!

Phase 1:
16 Aug 2021


EOI open for applications

Phase 3:
4 Apr-22 Apr 2022


Selection process commences (pitch for a place)

Phase 4:
22 Apr 2022


Finalists announced

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Say 'Hi' to our Alumni

Some of our incredible producers who have completed a F2F program. Meet all our alumni here

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