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What is the Hatch Program?

Program coaches

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Everything you need to validate your business idea

Validate your business idea with real customers and build your skills and network to help you progress your entrepreneurial journey.

Applications are currently closed

Key Information


- February 2022


- Virtual Program

What's included

- Work on your startup idea with the guidance of experienced agrifood experts and coaches
- Tailored support to each individual or team
- Access a comprehensive platform of resources and tools
- Unlock the opportunity to progress your idea through F2F pathways (Eg. F2F Hone)
- Connect with a large network of like-minded individuals, entrepreneurs, producers and customers 
- Improve your understanding of startup best practice


The Hatch Program is exactly that- where ideas are ‘hatched’. It is a 6-week program that will help you to work out whether your idea is worth pursuing.. and what to do next! It will teach you the core skills you need to test your startup idea quickly and cheaply- and how to pivot if it turns out your initial idea isn’t going to succeed.

The program is designed for individuals and teams who have an idea to solve a problem on farm or for the agrifood industry. Head over to The Muster to read more about the agrifood problems to be solved!

The key focus of the Hatch program is to validate your idea with real customers and form a 3-month plan to progress your idea and give you the confidence to decide whether to take the leap and start a new business venture.

How it Works

Essential Skills you'll learn

The program is structured over an intensive 6 weeks and is focused on validating your idea with potential customers. It will support you to test your ideas, build capabilities and confidence to develop a plan to take the next step in your journey as an entrepreneur.

The Hatch Program provides tailored resources and tools, 1:1 coaching and access to a network of producers and community.

•    How to work out if your startup idea is any good
•    What mistakes cause startups to fail, and how to avoid them
•    How to test your idea with over 30 customers
•    How to build a prototype and conduct purchase tests
•    Develop a 3-month plan to progress your business idea to the next stage

  •  2x Workshops

  • 60 minute small group session

  • Coaching call

  • 2 x Workshops

  • 60 minute small group session

  • Coaching call

  • 2 x Workshops

  • 2 x Workshops

  • Coaching Call


Take your place on the Hatch program today!

Applications are currently closed


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Who should apply?

The Hatch program is for any individual or team who is working on an idea for a new business venture. Head over to The Muster to read about some of the agrifood challenges to be solved.

•    Technology (Software and Hardware) that solves a problem on farm or for the agrifood industry
•    Value-added food products for consumers
•    Service based business ideas

You could be:

  • A producer with an idea

  • Be in a team with a producer

  • Be a researcher/research team with an idea ready for commercialisation

  • A developer with an idea

  • A student with an idea

  • A entrepreneur with an idea

  • Be an individual or team looking to work on a solution with producers

How to apply?

Applications are currently closed however you can head over to The Muster and submit your idea. This will give you access to the free online Journey Starter Program!

You will receive an email once you apply to start the Journey Starter Online program. We will also be in touch to discuss next steps

Please note, in order to be eligible for the Hatch Program you will need to complete the Journey Starter Online. 



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Take your place on the Hatch program today!

Applications are currently closed

Application Timeline

Apply today to be in the running to secure a place in the Hatch Program

Phase 1:
15 Nov 2021


  • Applications Open

Phase 2:
10 Jan-24 Jan 2022


  • Weekly info sessions

Phase 3:
7 Feb-18 Feb 2022


  • Selection process commences 

Phase 4:
21 Feb 2022


  • Finalists announced

Phase 5:
28 Feb 2022


  • Program Launches

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Hatch program pathway

After you submit your idea through The Muster you can begin working on your idea through the Journey Starter Online and go in the running to be a participant in the Hatch Program. All participants that go through a Hatch Program can apply to be part of the next stage in Hone.

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Say 'Hi' to our Alumni

Some of our incredible producers who have completed and F2F program. Meet all our alumni here


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