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Terry Sim

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

Terry Sim


Terry Sim is a sheep and wool producer in the Macarthur region of Victoria. Terry joined the F2F program with an idea for a panel design to make sheep yards safer, reducing the number of injuries and deaths caused by overzealous dogs or nervous animals.

Terry’s main areas of interest in joining the program were on protecting the intellectual property of the product while commercialising it. His desired outcome was to sell the panel design to a sheep yard manufacturer.

Program Learning

Throughout the program, Terry was diligent in reaching out to potential customers and suppliers and understanding their experiences with injuries in the yard. He made several changes to the design of the panel to better meet the needs of customers.

Additionally, he conducted research into the intellectual property landscape to understand whether his design is protectable. Terry is now developing the prototype of the product to pilot with an interested customer and is in discussions with a local engineering firm to manufacture the product.

Program Partners

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