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Steve Booton

TNQ Hatch 2022-23

1 Nov 2022

Steve Booton


Steve is an experienced transformational and driven leader with more than 30 years’ experience in technology, distribution, manufacturing, and e-commerce sectors. He has led high-performance teams whilst creating a reputation for delivering and exceeding revenue and profitability in highly competitive markets.

The Idea

Custom Enzymes biotechnological nature-based formulations can assist farmers and producers overcome the daily challenges from soil contamination through to pest and disease control encompassing a regenerative pathway that replaces traditional controls. Their agricultural roadmap has been specifically designed to integrate green chemistry that can introduce beneficial ingredients that demonstrate a positive impact on quality, yield, process, and risk whilst minimizing food waste across the supply chain.
This green chemistry solution can help regenerate high quality soil resulting in desirable, marketable, end products that are suitable for a circular food system. A true circular organic food system should start at soil preparation through to the process phase eliminating the need for inorganic inputs to ensure feedstock is contaminant and disease free.

“The F2F program has helped to really define our value proposition, with tangible meaning for the industry and growers. Our goals have evolved, thanks to the opportunity provided by the program.”

What's Next?

The Hatch Program has assisted Steve in reviewing and refining the value proposition and goals of Custom Enzymes.
As a result, Goals and Objectives of the business have changes as follows:
1. Education: Develop biological soil health practices.
2. Information: Continue to build the database and insights.
3. Trials: Start five trial sites by the end of 2023.

Because of these tangible benefits from his customer discovery journey, Steve is keen to apply for the Hone Program. The next stage can assist with brand awareness, trials, adoption, validation and scaling the business.

Program Partners

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