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Shepherd Monitoring Systems

Hone TEK Program 2

25 Sept 2023

Shepherd Monitoring Systems


Shepherd Monitoring Systems is a company that provides monitoring solutions for hay storage sheds. Their product, HayShepherd, was developed to better measure and monitor hay storage sheds, which were not being met for commercial agricultural production.

HayShepherd was conceived through a need that was presented to the founder in his own family business, this was to record the shed temperature of the freshly baled/ harvested hay for a period of 30 days after storage. When the only solutions that barely ticked the box for the insurance company could only be found, Bryce took it upon himself to come up with a solution that not only ticked the box for the insurance company, but one that actually worked and provided forewarning to a spontaneous combustion event.

Hone Journey

Before partaking in Hone, Shepherd Monitoring Systems was moving along the path to commercialisation at a steady rate, however through the participation in the Hone program it accelerated this path, and also shone light on some issues that had not been addressed. Hone also allowed for networking with other individuals and companies that were on the same path, allowing for bouncing of ideas and sharing of experiences.

Shepherd Monitoring Systems was progressing steadily towards commercialisation before joining Hone. The program helped them speed up this process and address some unresolved issues. They also benefited from networking with other participants who were on similar journeys and exchanging ideas and experiences.

During the Hone Program, Shepherd Monitoring Systems improved their business model significantly.

Their key learnings from the program were to define the value proposition of their product or service for their target market.

Their key achievements from the program were leaving bootcamp with a clear plan and pathway forward.

Hone has assisted with the progression of HayShepherd to become market ready and launch ready.

What's Next?

HayShepherd has progressed greatly, with demonstration devices now being active in multiple hay export company storage facilities, and also being part of an AgriFutures open call research project.

Over the next 6-12 months I am looking forward to further developing HayShepherd for commercialisation with new devices offering solutions for a different set of problems.

Program Partners

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