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SGC Projects - EnduraWatt

Hone TEK Program 2

25 Sept 2023

SGC Projects - EnduraWatt


The original concept came from Sam’s love of fishing and camping. His outdoor adventures led him to investigate portable power solutions to take with him on the road and soon realised that there are limited options available for ruggedized, outdoor portable solar generators. In the process of designing and building a portable solar generator for his own use, Sam identified that affordable, reliable and powerful battery units also had a clear use case for farming and agricultural businesses and he joined the Farmers2Founders program to explore this opportunity.

Hone Journey

Sam was extremely diligent to startup methodology during the Hone program and willingly took on exploring new customer segments and pivoting his business concept to address more severe needs across the sector. He advanced significantly with regard to the ability for him to communicate a direct and clear message to his targeted customer segments, and built sophisticated pitch decks and marketing material to support that message. Sam has refined a go to market strategy for EnduraWatt which focuses on key activities to be conducted in the first quarter of 2024, including the development of an MVP of the solution and engaging potential customers in providing feedback on its use case.
Sam took on a variety of key learnings through his involvement in the program, primarily around how to craft a more targeted message and customer engagement strategy. EnduraWatt is a solution with a very wide applicability, including those which sit outside the agricultural industry, to being able to identify key customer segments and tailor his strategies to that audience has greatly helped him to plan for engaging directly with those users. Sam is now armed with a variety of tools and materials to begin his go to market campaign and is looking to test and iterate on early prototype’s to the solution to better fit the needs of his customers.
A key achievement for Sam was gaining a deeper understanding of the capital raising process and what is required to develop the business to be investor-ready. His engagement with the pitch deck development sessions and practices was highly valuable for him as it gave him a ‘shark-tank’ style exposure to the world of building startups and built his confidence in communicating the value of his solution to a variety of audiences.

Coming from a background that did not involve starting a business or developing a new product, I now have the knowledge, experience and network to continue to successfully develop my business and product

What's Next

Sam is currently building early prototype versions of his solution and looking to refine that into a marketable MVP. In addition to this, the first stages of his go to market strategy will push him into the market to gain a deeper understanding of the use cases which are of highest priority for his customers. To do this, Sam will be targeting specific events and promotional opportunities, including field days, and has already begun conversations with adjacent markets, such as for agricultural drone suppliers.

Program Partners

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