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ScoreKeeper - Shalabh Gupta

Hone Program 2

8 May 2023

ScoreKeeper - Shalabh Gupta


Shalabh grew up in India and moved to Australia in 1999 and throughout his life, he has worked in high corporate positions. In 2011, he began his own consulting business where he worked on databases and reporting. Unfortunately he had to close his tech business due to COVID-19 however since then he has changed his focus to software development. Shalabh is developing a cloud-hosted application (SaaS) that can assist agri businesses to automate the process of recording and streamlining scores of their trial or pilot programs, such as seed and plant genetics trials. Trial management remains a highly manual pen and paper based process and by introducing customised software the process will be modernised with vastly improved processes and ease of use for users in managing their farming and trial operations.

Hone Journey

Over the course of the Hone Program Shalabh refined the value proposition and his approach to market for his Scorekeeper platform. The result was a more succinct story line connected to a clear problem/solution fit. A direct benefit of this work has been a measured increase in Scorekeeper’s visibility and uplift in interest from a range of potential new application uses such as industry associations, the dairy industry and those requiring product/soil testing efficacy. As technology reach has expanded so too have various API integrations with complementary platforms and emerging tech providers allowing broader data sources that further validate Scorekeeper has the ability to influence a broader range of industry applications. A significant development towards the end of the program was the ability to qualify and quantify the potential market size for the platform, providing Shalabh with a level of confidence as to desirable user segments and targets. Market feedback also led to tweaks and cosmetic changes to company branding and identity. Shalabh is now preparing to engage a marketing campaign to attract new users and grow the influence and benefits of his Scorekeeper Platform

I started software development only 3 years ago, can you believe that!

What's Next?

The next 6 to 12 months will be focused on launching a new website and will be commencing marketing directly to the broader networks, continue to ensure the app is in the hands of the user to accelerate feedback for further improvements. Shalabh is also interested in exploring more capabilities for offline data collection / syncing, exploring data visualisation software options supporting analysis & reporting and further API integration with IOT device providers, sensors, predictive and weather systems and industry imagery providers.

Program Partners

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