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Samuel Clark

Hatch TEK Program 3

3 July 2023

Samuel Clark


Sam is a building surveying professional who has Director level management experience with both large and small businesses. He’s an avid fisher and camper which led to his interest in portable power solutions and the realisation that there’s limited options available in sustainable, ruggedised outdoor portable solar generators.

The Idea

What started as a desire to source a sustainable power unit for use when camping to run a coffee machine has evolved into a significantly larger concept and desire to create a line of portable solar generators/battery banks. Awareness that regional and rural sectors often struggle with power disruption, remoteness and unpredictable natural disasters meant these units could be developed to service and meet the specific needs of primary producers.

Sam commenced the program by immersing himself in a comprehensive exploration of the challenges associated with portable generators across various Australian states, including Victoria, New South Wales, and Queensland. This deep dive led to the identification of key themes that prompted him to abandon the concept of developing smaller solar/battery generators in favor of larger units. These larger units are designed to tackle well-known issues related to power supply disruptions in remote regions and properties, bolstering the resilience of communication systems during power loss events, and addressing the economic inefficiency of high-cost fixed off-grid solar infrastructure. As Sam progressed through the program, he honed his vision and the value proposition for a portable battery storage system. His vision centered around creating a scalable plug-and-play storage solution, powered by rapidly deployable, mobile solar arrays. The culmination of Sam's participation in the program yielded a deeper understanding of his target users and uncovered market gaps that were currently underserved by competitors. His insights indicated that existing solutions were insufficient in addressing issues such as geographic remoteness, the reliability of telecommunications infrastructure, and the suboptimal return on investment associated with fixed solar setups. These insights provided strong support for his technological solution. Additionally, Sam successfully initiated the branding process for his idea, giving it the name "EnduraWatt."

I come into the program with a rough idea for a business. By the time I'd completed the program I had a game plan on how I was going to establish the business, confirm there was market demand and work towards building the first iteration of the product.

This was all fantastic but what impressed me more was the confidence I'd gained through the program in my ability to follow through with the startup. Without the support of the team and coaches, I'm certain I would have become overwhelmed and eventually stalled in my progress.

What's Next?

Continuing to validate market needs through research and interviews
Developing partnerships with industry and government
Looking at various funding options and financial support
Completion of a larger MVP and deployment for trial with early stage adopters.

Program Partners

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