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Samantha Pritchard & Tristan Goodfellow

Hatch TEK Program 4

30 Oct 2023

Samantha Pritchard & Tristan Goodfellow


Samantha is an entrepreneur and founder of People in Paddocks (PIP), a dynamic HR & WHS consultancy supporting primary producers. She has a diverse background spanning communications, technology, primary production, and a seasoned country pub renovator. Sam established her HR career through Corinella Farms and continues to support her passion for Australia’s national rural HR and safety challenges by completing a post-grad in HR Management.

The Idea

PIPPA or (People in Paddocks Personal Assistance) was developed by Sam and Tristan (PIP systems Manager) during the Hatch program as a dyslexia friendly, AI supported App that greatly enhances primary producer regulatory & ISO obligations. It will ultimately reduce regulatory and compliance complexity and empower users to connect with HR & safety assets ‘in paddock’.

The Hatch Program has lifted me out of the day-to-day operations of running my business and given me wings to fly to the next level. I now feel extremely confident and excited about the next stage of my business, and as a bonus my network of founders, funders, mentors and new friends has grown.

What's Next?

Sam and Tristan, are advancing PIPPA as an app and seeking an AgVic grant for further development. Additionally, they plan to engage with major agricultural stakeholders like Elders, Nutrien, equipment manufacturers, GRDC, and farming groups to validate and advocate for PIPPA. Their tech goal is simple: to develop and deploy a user friendly application that ensures every farmer returns home safely to their family every day.

Program Partners

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