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Rodrigo Diaz Maldonado

TNQ Hatch 2022-23

1 Nov 2022

Rodrigo Diaz Maldonado


Rodrigo is based in Brisbane, Queensland. He is an experienced entrepreneur with several tech start-ups under his belt already in his country of origin, Mexico. Rod has completed a Master of Business Administration in Queensland and is keen to pursue agrifood tech innovation to solve some problems for food production and nutrition.

The Idea

Rod is creating an AI enabled digital platform for producers, growers and aspiring farmers to use as a network to connect and learn from others to grow in their own backyard. He has found in recent years that the knowledge for other communities isn’t utilized and shared like some ideas should be. The platform would not only allow communities to become stronger together but to improve their innovations nation-wide. His idea is to automate a hardware solution for small scale food production to improve growing quality, success and reduce time and risk.

“I am truly grateful for our experience with the Hatch Program. It has been transformative in developing my skills and fostering meaningful connections within our industry. The knowledge and resources gained have significantly contributed to our growth and success. We highly recommend the Hatch Program to anyone seeking to take your idea to the next level.”

What's Next?

Rod has been able to pivot his idea and make a clear plan for the next 3-6 months and is keen to progress to the Hone program. He plans to focus on:
- Finalise proof of concept and prototyping his hardware and software solutions
- Continue to do further customer discovery and validation to refine his “fit”
- Form a team of experts to inform solution
- Create partnerships through networking
- Secure investment funding, and;
- Develop market strategy

Program Partners

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