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Rebecca Burnham & Victoria Moffatt

TNQ Hatch 2022-23

1 Nov 2022

Rebecca Burnham & Victoria Moffatt


Rebecca was raised within a Central Queensland Commercial and Stud Beef enterprise and has a Bachelor of Education. Rebecca has a passion for genetics and research into how to optimise genetic gain in livestock.
Teamed with Rebecca in the Hatch program, Victoria grew up in South-East England and currently resides in a property near Marlborough, Queensland. She is passionate about the land and animals of all breeds.

The Idea

Rebecca and her growing team are on a mission to provide a global, standardised outlet for optimised beef genetics. This will reduce the guess-work required when livestock farmers are looking for new genetics to bring into their herd. They are developing ‘Frontier Genetics’, a platform for future focussed beef that advances the way bulls are bred and bought. It provides an assessment that boasts both quality in phenotype and genotype in livestock and guarantees Commercial beef producers receive the tick that satisfies management standards and objectives.

“Being engaged with the Hatch process was challenging and entirely valuable - the discovery journey it leads you on is essential for any Ag start-up. It engages you to follow a specific process maximising your chances of success and longevity.”

What's Next?

In the next 3-6 months, Rebecca and Victoria are going to:
- Define and agree to management principles
- Launch the website and create a shared online space and emails, including facility for clients to engage with Frontier Genetics members and purchase genetics
- Roll out promotions
- Prepare for 2023 Inaugural Sale in November 2023
- Investigate opportunities around Natural Capital.

Program Partners

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