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Pattie Jeffers & Graham Schoorl

TNQ Hatch 2022-23

1 Nov 2022

Pattie Jeffers & Graham Schoorl


Graham Schoorl is GPS Trapping and takes care of the operational aspects. Pattie Jeffers is his wife and does all paperwork, bookkeeping and helps out with food bait stations, trap set up and monitoring/release and even disposal of pigs. Graham is a diesel fitter with much life experience, having worked in hospitals and the District Court as well as being a field service fitter. Pattie was an archaeologist originally and then became a CPA accountant and worked for many different organisations as a management or financial accountant. She has some marketing experience as well as HR, contract, grant writing and project management experience.

The Idea

GPS Trapping has been testing the BoarBusters in far North QLD for three years and are getting adept at solving the technical issues of the remotely monitored and operated cameras. The team are safe, thorough, and have learnt a lot about trapping feral pigs. They know there are Australians out there with this problem and hope to solve it for many and eventually assist internationally.

“The skills you will learn and the tools that will be given to you during the course of the Hatch program are an invaluable resource for whatever business you may want to be involved with in the future. I would also highly recommend that you do this program before spending any money on your business idea, the learnings from doing this program may well save you a lot of time and expense. For me it was great to have people that we could discuss our ideas with in a supportive, experienced and honest environment.”

What's Next?

Pattie and Graham recognise the need to build a more recognisable brand presence in the market, aided by the reach of social media. Accordingly, a key focus for them is on building more refined pitches and content to support the development of customer relations. Additionally, they are hoping to enter the Hone program so they can continue to establish a tighter business model which offers ‘packages’ of their services and solutions for targeted customers.

Program Partners

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