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Michael Brown

Hatch TEK Program 4

30 Oct 2023

Michael Brown


Michael ventured into Melbourne from Perth to pursue opportunities in the pharmaceutical industry however, transitioned to the agricultural tech sector where he was engaged with product development in creating insect-based pet foods. This industry exposure has sparked a new passion for Michael, to drive innovation into Australia’s industrial and Agrifood landscape.

The Idea

AI-based Yield Prediction: IoT and remote sensing data from orchards is uploaded to cloud storage through FarmOS. This data is then accessed by an AI platform to forecast yield and harvest times, aiming to cut yield losses by over 20%. Initially, the platform is free in exchange for data to train the AI model, with a subscription option for data privacy and extra analytics. This modern solution streamlines data management for farmers

“It's mind blowing that yield prediction inaccuracy is in Australia can be as high as 40%”

What's Next?

Michael has applied to join the next Hone program where he will develop his MVP with a clear intent of transitioning 50-100 Orchard’s from excel based record keeping to a digital and AI enhanced orchard management solution. To achieve this, he’s actively seeking more orchardists connections and introductions to farm sensor developers that can assist with the his MVP.

Program Partners

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