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Michael Blake

Hatch Program 4

6 Feb 2023

Michael Blake


Michael is a meat and wool specialist on Global Agribusiness and International Trade with a focus of Livestock industry development and transfer of genetics and technology to the farm gate. After twenty years in the global wool trade, buying, processing, and exporting wool, Michael spent ten years at Elders which led him to work closely with producers, transferring technology and market intelligence. This led to ten years at PIRSA initiating livestock and meat industry engagement and development. He primarily focused on upskilling producers and agents in traceability tools and the use of eID for productivity and profitability gains, including breeding values and traceability. Michael is also multi-lingual and has strong sheep and livestock related links in southern South America.

The Idea

Michael aims to set up an export platform for Australian genetics and assisting producers with the uptake and use of electronic Identification (eID). The platform would offer guidance and professional advice to enable local producers to implement this technology, provide data reports and related traceability. One of the features would be allowing the producer to visualize the overseas market development for Australian Sheep, Goat and Cattle genetics and be able to create export opportunities and manage logistics. This platform will focus on domestic Ram, Billy and Bull producers and exporters who want to reach clients overseas for their genetics.

An excellent , structured and complete program. With excellent people on the team!

What's Next?

Michael is now undertaking the early steps of his Business Roadmap, with a focus on obtaining the necessary support to design the appropriate business model and structure for his solution. In the background, Michael is continuing to test a manual example of how the platform would operate to show the value for potential users and define the features required in the automated system. Michael is hoping to enter into the Hone program to get support on these various objectives.

Program Partners

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