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Maroye Marinkovic

Hatch Program 4

6 Feb 2023

Maroye Marinkovic


Maroye has called Melbourne home since 2004 and has a background of music and technology. While in Australia, his career led him further into technology and has worked on improving the transparency of social, environmental and economic issues, focusing on the agriculture industry. In the recent years, his attention honed in on primary producers and aimed to support the growth of the ecosystem by bringing high-end technology to farmers.

The Idea

Maroye works in a team at ORCA, a farmer-owned grain brand and they work to allow farmers to sell direct to consumers bulk, organic grains. The team recognizes the barriers for grain suppliers and by filling in the gap, consumers and supplies of the likes will have better accessibility to organic grains.

The Hatch program has been very helpful to us. We came in with a pretty complex set of ideas with a lot of moving parts, and plenty of assumptions. Through the program we were able to achieve a much clearer understanding of the customer problem, and, as a result enabled us to create a very focused and specific value proposition. Quite probably, this also saved us a lot of time and investment in over-building something that customers may not value in the long run.

What's Next?

Maroye and his team at ORICorp aim to start building their MVP for their digital platform by collaborating with at least five producers and two buyers. This will increase the transactional relationship between the buyer and seller by direct contact. ORICorp can learn and continue to develop the platform as they engage with the end-users of the marketplace.
Maroye is keen to participate in the Hone program if accepted.

Program Partners

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