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Mark Klemm

Hatch TEK Program 3

3 July 2023

Mark Klemm


Mark Klemm is a fifth-generation primary producer based near Wangaratta in north east Victoria. Mark currently runs a software development business and a grass-fed cattle farm in partnership with his wife. They share a background in software development, business management, and primary production.

The Idea

The idea for EzyBeef came about from within Mark’s own business, where he is uniquely positioned as an intergenerational beef producer and a highly experienced software development and technical specialist. Mark had already invested significant time and energy into developing his MVP, yet still needed to validate if he has a problem / solution fit for an identified customer segment outside of his own family business.

The problem EzyBeef is solving relates to the lack of digitisation and information sharing within family-based organisational structures, a lack of a platform for collection of data at an individual animal level and extrapolation of key insights for data-driven decision making, such as herd value at a point in time, production performance etc..

Mark has also identified a gap in data sharing across various actors in the supply chain, such as producers and stock + station agents, being able to confidently forecast supply of livestock at any point in time based on individual animal data across a catchment.

The program was helpful in triggering the required thought processes in product and business development. Highly recommended for anyone looking to take an idea to market.

What's Next?

Mark will continue to undertake customer discovery, to robustly validate his problem / solution fit and make develop his customer personas and go2market plans in response.

He has launched his MVP at and is offering discounted subscriptions for early adopters. Mark is currently testing MVP post-Hatch program and keen to get involved in the Hone program to support his journey to commercialising EzyBeef. Mark is also engaging with potential channel partners and investors for future partnerships.

Program Partners

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