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Lymbo - Malkah Muckenschnabl

Hone Program 1

1 May 2022

Lymbo - Malkah Muckenschnabl


Malkah Muckenschnabl is a recent Bachelor of Commerce university graduate, post university Malkah was accepted into the ANZ Agribusiness Graduate program where she completed 3 – 6 month regional placements. It was during this time that Malkah came to recognise the disconnect between agricultural employers and the student population who either had not considered a future career in agriculture or had been unable to find a pathway into this type of career.

Hone Journey

Malkah’s plan is to create an app that matches agribusinesses with young talent using functionalities similar to a dating app. Her idea is to create an algorithm based on the profile of an applicant and requirements of an employer to shortlist and rank candidates from most to least suitable. It was through Malkah’s customer discovery during the Hatch program that she gained deeper insight into what young people were looking for in an agricultural job, the lack of skills or communication of skills for employers and how broad the problem was across the sector.

Prior to entering Hone Malkah had completed 20 customer interviews where she had narrowed down her focus on small to medium enterprises for her two sided marketplace. Malkah had started to explore the functionality and design features she would require on her app and the types of roles (and skills gaps) the agricultural industry was looking for.

Malkah’s research during the Hatch program reinforced her problem identification of the gap between students searching for work and agricultural employers skills/employee shortage.

Malkah used the Hone program to build her skills in social media and design to provide a detailed prototype overview of her product and set up her company website and profiles to start attracting feedback and beta testers to her business.

The introduction to the Business Model Canvas helped Malkah move beyond her problem – solution fit to understand how to build a sustainable business model around the idea and where the value would sit for her customers in a two sided marketplace. Malkah used the program to explore what partnerships might assist her business and fill some of the gaps in employee skills, while also viewing whether there were funding opportunities through grants or government partners.

Thank you to the entire F2F team, this has been an incredible experience! I have learnt SO much and been supported through the entire journey by not only the F2F team but the cohort. I have really turned my idea into a business and feel equipped with the ongoing support and steps that I need to give it a hot crack!

What's Next

Through the development of her social media and online presence, Malkah is working towards her recruitment drive for beta testers targeting predominately the employers side as she already has interested students ready to participate. The development of the demonstration prototype has given Malkah the tools and confidence to show her product to partners and potential customers.

Malkah now has set up her business structure and is booked to attend two upcoming conferences to start connecting with possible partners and supporters in the agriculture industry. Her next steps are to develop her website and test her algorithm with 30 students and 10 partners to establish some data and testimonials.

Program Partners

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