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Livestock GeneTEX - Michael Blake

Hone Program 2

8 May 2023

Livestock GeneTEX - Michael Blake


Michael Blake is a meat and wool specialist on Global Agribusiness and International Trade with a focus of Livestock industry development and transfer of genetics and technology to the farm gate. He primarily focused on upskilling producers and agents in traceability tools and the use of eID for productivity and profitability gains, including breeding values and traceability.

Hone Journey

Michael participated in the February Hatch intake and had a month in South America to continue to validate his sheep genetics startup idea. Michael has excellent networks and knowledge in the Sheep industry, however, with an agtech solution as his preferred business model, he may need to bring on a tech co-founder or be able to outsource the tech MVP build to fully implement his vision. One of his key learnings from the Hone program was realizing that his vision of the export trade using ASBVS (breeding values) and enhancing semen exports post-COVID has a growth opportunity after completing Business Model Canvas. Throughout the program, Michael was able to identify areas where he needed to further improve to achieve long term goals.

I really value the structure and drive to get us through each step each week.

What's Next?

Michael aims to be able to benefit from the Hatch and Hone learnings to create an online platforms as well as to learn and build business systems, legal, accounting and operational platforms.
In 12 to 18 months, Michael will continue to build connections to Sheep Genetics Australia (ASBVs) to Auctions PLUS and more MLA’s / AWI online information to further spread awareness of his upcoming startup.

Program Partners

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