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Lachlan Sutton

Hatch Program 1

13 Nov 2021

Lachlan Sutton


Lachlan Sutton is from Wentworth, New South Wales and has a producer background plus post- graduate qualifications in Agribusiness. His career has been focused on animal agriculture, and he has worked in commodity marketing and as a consultant. He is passionate about improving livestock production systems and helping producers take a strategic approach to their management. Lachlan joined the Hatch program to assess the potential of his idea, develop a road map to action his idea, and launch into the market.

Validating the Idea

Lachlan's idea is to develop an agtech product that utilises predictive analytics and automatic data generation. He aims to empower livestock producers by creating a product that better quantifies the key drivers in their production system, allowing improved productivity and profitability. Lachlan’s learnings from the program included refining his idea to focus on solving the most painful problems for producers rather than concentrating on all. After conducting several interviews with livestock farmers, Lachlan was able to validate his business idea, and to simplify it further with the help of the Lean Canvas tool.

What's Next?

Unfortunately due to other commitments, Lachlan was not able to participate in the Hatch Pitch Graduation. F2F will follow up with Lachlan in the New Year to provide him with support in implementing his 3-month Roadmap and helping him determine his next steps.

Program Partners

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