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John Lockhart - Nutriq

TNQ Hatch 2022-23

1 Nov 2022

John Lockhart - Nutriq


John Lockhart is a seasoned professional in the feed industry with over 13 years of experience. He founded Bio Processing Australia (BPA), a yeast production company where he ran the company over its first decade. Prior to BPA, he worked in the financial markets in London and Sydney where he developed niche markets in bond trading before taking management roles in Southeast Asia. In April 2007, he left the financial markets and later left BPA in early 2019.

He and his wife have been based in Sydney since 1987 and have six children and three grandchildren. John enjoys spending time on the water and can often be found on his boat while in NQ.

The Idea

John established Nuticq in 2018, where he continues to pursue his passion for environmental sustainability. Initially as a research project to adapt dehydration technology to process locally grown soybeans, since then, he has commended commercial operations in Proserpine and has adapted the technology to process fruit and vegetables waste into nutritious, grain-based products for the feed industry.

“The hatch program is an innovative way to help startups in the ag space offering broad expertise in the industry”

What's Next?

John expects to begin feed trials to evaluate efficacy of the product in other species such as goats and cattle. He has identified the opportunity in price control as he continues to listen to local input. As John’s business has already been established, there is room for growth and hopes to participate in the Hone program to showcase his solution and build his MVP.

Program Partners

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