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Jiten Bhatt & Ankit Shaw

Hatch TEK Program 4

30 Oct 2023

Jiten Bhatt & Ankit Shaw


Jiten has 22 years of experience in electronic systems design and testing for the aerospace industry. He engages in many challenges in the startup world where he can use his experience and knowledge of embedded systems and design to different industries.
Ankit is a Computer Engineer with 20 years of experience in technology projects, solving complex business problems. He has a deep understanding of business model development and has worked for several corporate organizations.

The Idea

Jiten and Ankit believe that their current technology that serves the hospitality industry, can also benefit the farming sector. They are developing tele-operated robotics that will provide support with harvesting, weed management, maintenance and more. They have a focus on the “human-touch” approach instead of an autonomous system. This could create employment opportunities allowing people to work from home so it can also be accessed by people with a disability.

Hatch program is a beautifully crafted program where budding entrepreneurs and founders learn how to validate their business ideas, how to do customer discovery and how to make a product that is required by the customers. We highly recommend this program to all first-time founders this program will definitely help you gain a lot of valuable business insights which they would have never thought of.

What's Next?

They are currently planning to build a prototype and do some field trials along with a volunteer farmer and prove the suitability of their technology.

Program Partners

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