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Jane McCaw

Hatch TEK Program 3

3 July 2023

Jane McCaw


Based in Bendigo, Victoria, Jane McCaw has extensive experience in the equine industry across a variety of disciplines including pony clubs, eventing, show jumping an showing and in particular, thoroughbred horse racing. Jane has been both an apprentice jockey and as a licenced trainer.

Jane is very passionate about the problems being experienced in the racing industry with illness and injury in racehorses, as well as the impact on trainers and owners. She has undertaken extensive research, including the biomechanics, thermal imaging and across other species, into the problem. Jane has developed an innovative solution which aims to pivot current thinking away from treating injuries and illnesses, to proactively developing the horses physical condition, both mentally and physically to avoid performance and wellbeing issues in the first place. The implications from a reduction in injury and illness has enormous potential for an Australian industry valued at $9B annually.

The Idea

Jane’s idea involves a hardware solution within an equine development program, aimed at developing the core strength required to race effectively with a significant reduction forecast in the prevalence of illness and injury in the thoroughbred racing industry. Jane’s solution focuses on revolutionising training and rehabilitation practices. She is very passionate about advocating for the horse. She believes she has uncovered a novel approach with her ongoing studies of biomechanics, research into muscle strengthening and performance, and lameness issues in horses, focussing on. lateral balance and stability.

Jane was a dedicated participant who was able to focus on the customer discovery and validation components of the HatchTEK program. She was able to start stepping out of the “solutions focus” and into the problem and customer focus in order to ensure an adequate fit between these components. Jane spent time one on one at the track and at rehabilitation facilities interviewing trainers, owners and jockeys to validate her assumptions and some of the finding were quite interesting, such as the impact on racing stable reputations and potential loss of revenue through poor animal performance causing considerable mental health impacts on trainers and the willingness for the industry to try novel approaches to address these issues.
Jane’s key customer segments are Victorian based:
- Mid-size racing trainers, and;
- Racing rehabilitation centres.

A few well designed movements, performed properly in balance, is worth hours of doing sloppy training or forced contortion

What's Next?

Jane has a good understanding of what is required to build her prototype and has learned how to pitch her value proposition. She is now looking for additional support to mentor and coach her through the next stage of her start-up lifecycle and seeking a co-founder as well as pre-seed investment to help fund her prototype. Jane has garnered extensive interest from industry and potential early adopters and is passionate about continuing to pursue her vision for a fundamental shift in the horseracing industry in Australian and globally.

Program Partners

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