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James Davidson

Hatch TEK Program 2

16 May 2023

James Davidson


James grew up on a farm in the South Africa goldfields and has since gained experience with leading global professional services and science companies. As a software and App developer he’s now focusing on software consulting and SaaS.

The Idea

James is developing a platform to allow business-to-business a vastly improved order fulfillment process between their quality producers and farm gate suppliers. Producers improve how they sell to larger businesses and obtain a significant efficiency gain in supply chain and customer communications. He is focusing on the digitisation and automation of small business operations via software and consulting. The platform is known as Orderlii.

We know producers are time poor, we sell time

What's Next?

James and the team at Orderlli will be continuing to engage with producers and those in the industry to further validate Oderlii’s solution.
In the near future, they endeavour to review their MVP and financial model that will embed the core purpose and intent with customer acquisition. This will result in refining their Go-to-Market strategy that can support achieving their goal of increasing their monthly customer base.

Program Partners

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