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Grain Storage - Odette Suitor

Hone Program 2

8 May 2023

Grain Storage - Odette Suitor


Odette is a sixth generation farmer and has worked in corporate agri-operations. She has a background of logistics, and agriculture experience with a Bachelor of Applied Science Agriculture & Masters Of Business (MBA). Odette is currently working on her own farm and operating an agri-business consultancy. Odette and partner Grant have over the past 8 years developed a novel on-farm grain storage solution for grain growers that is scalable, increases efficiency, and provides protection from pests and disease. Grain sector dynamics, deregulation, logistics challenges and supply chain complexities are leading producers to develop more effective ways of storing grain that allow grain sale decisions to increase versatility when managing market fluctuations.
Her solution is derived from dissecting customer pain points and understanding the core need of >5,000 ton grain producers that require versatile, cost effective and streamlined harvest processes.

Hone Journey

Over the course of the Hone Program, Odette has utilised the program to better frame and address a number of key elements related to evolving their commercial vision. These include the ongoing refinement and modification to their full scale, field operation 2nd Generation MVP and advancing feedback to evolve their 3rd Gen MVP. In parallel the team is building a scale working model of their systems as a marketing asset for field and demonstration days and ease of transport. Odette has identified and will shortly appoint a trusted regional engineering works that will build an inventory of initial units for anticipated sales in the 3rd/4th Qtrs of 2023. This commitment has accelerated a number of administrative actions that are required to support an initial commercial phase and the company is reviewing and committing to its pending patent applications, evolving its branding and graphic design needs as well as web design to support sales and operations.

“Most grain growers experience hold ups of grain delivery to storage at harvest”

What's Next?

Short to medium company goals are to increase business frameworks and support mechanisms including web content, marketing collateral and insurances required to support commercial activities. The company has plans to increase its image and market visibility by attending and exhibiting at a number of field days and creating demonstration days on site with their operational MVP. To support this a number of inventory units will be pre-built for immediate sale off the back of success with the prototype. It is envisaged that within the next 12 months the business plan will have advanced through the sale of up to 5 units, paving the way to test interest from investors and the company has developed an initial investment/sale projection to support forward plans. Future additions to current plans include development of an online dashboard for growers that integrates with existing industry supply chain systems. And future development of solar for improvement of various grain management solutions.

Program Partners

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