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GPS Trapping - Pattie Jeffers & Graham Schoorl

TNQ Hone 2023

8 May 2023

GPS Trapping - Pattie Jeffers & Graham Schoorl


Graham and Pattie are the founders of GPS Trapping, a company providing feral pig control solutions for a variety of different stakeholders across Central and Northern QLD. The idea for GPS Trapping came from a trip to America where the pair learned about the effectiveness and benefits of utilising BoarBusters traps to control wild pig populations. Returning to Australia, Pattie and Graham spent three years deploying the BoarBuster’s remote monitoring technology and developing a deep understanding of the feral pig problem in TNQ. Using their deep knowledge of pig behaviour and trapping methodology, GPS Trapping works with landholders to develop a tailor-made solution for their property which is effective, efficient and humane.

Hone Journey

The Hone program tested Pattie and Graham’s ability to remain committed to the entrepreneurial journey as they were faced with several roadblocks put up by their perceived customer base. The constant push to iterate in the Hone program can be particularly difficult when you are an existing business with a sense of commitment to your solutions and customer segment. However, Pattie and Graham continued to work on their concept, in particular how they communicated it, and began to gain momentum towards the end of the Program. Pattie and Graham obtained a speaking spot at the recent National Feral Pig Conference in Cairns and established strong customer channels which will hopefully bring some opportunity to test their MVP and business model in the coming months.

The skills you will learn and the tools that will be given to you during the course of the Hatch program are an invaluable resource for whatever business you may want to be involved with in the future.

What's Next?

Pattie and Graham will continue to test their messages with their customer base, and gain feedback from potential users of their solution. They are developing some strong connections with different users across their customer segments and will be looking to turn those contacts into potential trials or demonstration opportunities. They are also continuing to explore opportunities to educate their market through additional conferences or workshops in the region.

Program Partners

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