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Georgios Gkoumas

Hatch TEK Program 2

16 May 2023

Georgios Gkoumas


Georgios Gkoumas is an accomplished innovator and technologist, with a Advanced Diploma in Computers Systems Engineering and a Certificate in Business Administration. Georgios is also nearing completion of Bachelor of Information Technology with a double major in Networking and Cyber Security. Georgios pairs these impressive areas of expertise with a practical understanding of the poultry industry. He worked for over two years across the poultry industry and spent some time involved in a broiler operation. Georgios is aiming to use his extensive skills to solve problems within the poultry industry with technology.

The Idea

Georgios’ idea was to build a robotic machine that could automate a range of repetitive, time consuming and unpleasant tasks within a broiler operation. Georgios entered the Hatch program with a focus on three main problems:

1. Maintaining a healthy and safe environment for birds, primarily around cleaning and upkeep of the flooring or bedding;

2. In-house euthanasia for individual birds; and

3. The collection process of deceased birds.

Georgios was looking to validate these problem areas and his solution concept with other poultry farmers.

If you were like me, wondering "how to validate my idea, following industry standard methodology and approach", you have found your next step. Apply for the HatchTEK.

What's Next?

Georgios is continuing to undertake deep customer discovery work and begin to tinker with early prototypes. Georgios is looking for avenues to gain additional technical support which will help accelerate various parts of the solution from the validation stage and into working models.

Program Partners

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