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Geoff Birch

Ideas Program 2

29 Feb 2020

Geoff Birch


Geoff Birch, a grain grower based in Toowoomba, Queensland, is developing a seed treatment solution for the mung bean industry.

Though Geoff had completed successful trials of the technology prior to the F2F program, he had not conducted customer discovery to validate the industry need or understand the pain points of various customer segments (e.g., growers, seed processors, agronomists).

Program Learning

During the program, Geoff conducted over a dozen interviews, deepening his understanding of the problem as well as identifying potential trial customers and commercialization partners.

To further test the viability of his idea, Geoff is developing a ‘purchase test’ that will include a brochure and direct email outreach with a target of signing on five trial customers for this season and building a broader waiting list for a launch in early 2021.

Geoff believes that as a result of the program he is now looking at costs, marketing and market size in a clearer way and this will have a positive impact on his business going forward.

Program Partners

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