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Gavin Leersen

Hatch TEK Program 3

3 July 2023

Gavin Leersen


As a successful shearer, Gavin Leersen has had more than 20 years interacting and contracting to primary producers and the farming sector. Prior to shearing Gavin pursued his passion for electronics by completing a Diploma in Engineering Electronics. Gavin is passionate about assisting farmers to be happier, efficient and more successful and is known to farmers to be a creative innovator. He’s built technical solutions for modern farming problems by successfully blending his electronics and primary production knowledge and has a vision to convert his passion into a full time business.

The Idea

Gavin has applied his skills and knowledge to assist farmers and silage/hay contactors to be more efficient through use of his system to measure and hit the “sweet-spot” for haymaking/bailing.
His idea is to engineer and simplify hay bale and irrigation monitoring, making it easy to deploy and vastly improve decision making. Gavin has sought to ensure his technology is simple to use, water proof, robust and is locally manufactured and serviceable.

Gavin commenced the program with the goal to determine if his technology was a disruption to his usual shearing routine or a genuine business opportunity. Actively seeking feedback on his field units from clients indicated users are highly positive with younger users being more demanding of the need for an App. As the program progressed, so did Gavin's interview and market discovery skills which expanded to include networking and social media channels to engage and test interested parties and attract clients.
A theme of ‘trust’ in his units and ‘ease of use’ emerged as a key theme for why people buy and re-buy his solution. He continued to investigate best options for exposure of his solutions which increased through the attendance at field days and expo’s as well as social media channels for product promotion and potential sales. Deeper analysis of market potential was undertaken and this included domestic and export hay and fodder volumes that are potential users of the tech.

At the conclusion of Hatch a number of worthy challenges lay ahead and these related to users demographics and age with some loving the ease of use with younger users wanting an App. The technical horizon has also expanded to include new communication methods and potential for other system uses.

Very good at teaching how to learn what the real problems are.

What's Next?

The plan is to attend more field days, this will include Elmore in October. Based on research and feedback the next version of Baletime will commence design with consideration for LPWan and potential to scope and trial a basic web based APP later in the year. Will be continuing to service current clients and manufacturing and selling to users as the spring approaches and so to does the increased need to bale hay.

Program Partners

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