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Eugenie Schraufnagel

Hatch Program 3

1 Nov 2022

Eugenie Schraufnagel


Eugenie Shraufnagel, originally from Dallas Texas, moved to Melbourne to study food science and nutrition at RMIT University. Eugenie entered the Hatch program to explore the opportunities around a vegan savoury protein powder and connect with experts in the food industry to design her solution and expose her to entrepreneurial methodologies . A vegan herself, Eugenie had identified the increasing trend towards more plant-based diets and the need for dietary supplements to assist specific consumer segments in meeting their daily nutritional requirements. In addition, having undertaken some market research before entering the program, Eugenie identified that there was very limited choice, if any, in terms of a savoury offering.

The Idea

Eugenie applied to the Hatch program with an idea to develop a plant based savoury protein supplement designed to be added to regular meals in order to boost their nutritional value and flavour content. The concept is to integrate the supplement into other foods as a powder format thereby making it a convenient option for different segments. Similarly, the solution will be designed to improve the overall wellness of the individual by ensuring the powder has selected ingredients with functional properties to meet macro and micro nutrient requirements. Eugenie has identified that the grains sector with its range of high protein plant species particularly legumes and beans will be explored to identify the most appropriate base for the protein powder.

“Prior to the Hatch program, I felt that my idea was pretty solid and would not develop much, however, I realized that there are many customer segments to target, and a variety of marketing techniques that are essential to creating a successful business.”

What's next?

Eugenie has identified a clear roadmap for the next few months to achieve the following milestones including:
-Continue to conduct interviews with identified segments to further validate the concept and validate up to 2 key customer personas
-Connect with experts and scientific research around the functional and nutritional properties of faba beans to determine opportunities for product and recipe formulation
-Develop simple website to start testing visual prototypes and conduct initial purchase test with first customer segment via digital marketing activities and channels
-Explore packaging and processing technologies to develop first MVP
-Prepare to pitch into the Farmers2Founders Hone program

Program Partners

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