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Hone TEK Program 2

25 Sept 2023



Jane McCaw is the visionary founder behind EqueCore, an AgTech startup addressing equine welfare issues through innovative hardware and software solutions. With a deep passion for horses and a background in the racing industry, Jane aims to revolutionize the approach to equine health and well-being.

Hone Journey

Before joining the Hone Program, Jane had a compelling idea rooted in her experiences as a trainer and jockey. Her primary goal was to enhance her pitch and secure funding for a prototype to bring her vision to life.

Throughout the program, Jane honed her pitching skills but encountered challenges in the more business-oriented aspects. Leaving school in year 10 and contending with anxiety and ADHD, Jane recognized the need for a co-founder with business acumen to complement her equine expertise. Despite moments of uncertainty, she successfully graduated from the program, a significant achievement.

Jane's basic prototype, tested with her own horse, showcased the potential for EqueCore to be a game-changer in the equine industry. By proactively addressing physical and mental well-being, EqueCore aims to pivot from reactive treatments to preventive measures.

Over the course of the Hone Program, I learned how to improve my pitch, and tailor it to different stakeholders

What's Next

In the coming months, Jane plans to register her business, refine her pitching skills, and seek grants and funding for a commercially viable prototype. The roadmap includes developing the prototype and conducting trials, marking a crucial phase in EqueCore's journey.

Program Partners

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