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Eliza Holliday and Matt Box

Hatch TEK Program 2

16 May 2023

Eliza Holliday and Matt Box


Matt and Eliza want to revolutionise the industrial hemp supply chain in Australia as a key processing business. In addition, they see significant potential for hemp as a lucrative crop rotation option for Australian farming systems. They aim to achieve several objectives, including maximising hemp cultivation, boosting farmers' income, and supporting research on the regenerative properties of hemp-infused soil.

The Idea

Matt and Eliza have established ‘Pro Hemp’, a leading industrial hemp stalk processor in Victoria, strategically positioned to address a gap in the national supply chain.
The business presents a solution to the challenges of sourcing or suppling industrial hemp in Australia. With their specialised focus on processing hemp hurd (from the woody inner layer of the stalk), fines, and fibre, Matt and Eliza are dedicated to delivering premium-grade hemp products. Developed over the last 3 years, Pro Hemp’s custom built, patented machinery ensures consistency and reliability throughout the entire production process.
From textiles to sustainable building materials, Pro Hemp has the goal of being a dependable partner for superior hemp solutions across various industries. Eliza and Matt feel they are well positioned in the supply chain to unlock the large-scale adoption of industrial hemp in Australia.

“We’re passionate about developing the industrial hemp supply chain in Australia.”

What's Next?

For Matt and Eliza, the more achievable short-term goals are around MVP validation, strategic partnerships, and industry development through broader collaboration (e.g. Agrifutures).
Matt and Eliza also acknowledge that they need to focus on key customer segments that will achieve early wins and ensure that the business is sustainable.

Program Partners

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