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Bryan Pitman

Hatch TEK Program 2

16 May 2023

Bryan Pitman


Bryan is a dairy farmer and has experience in mining and mechanical engineering.
He has now left the farm but he is working on an idea that will help farmers in the future.

The Idea

Bryan has found on-farm water reduction of milk and on-farm spray drying can result in reduced transportation and energy costs for the factory. Dairy producers would be able to do their own thickening instead of buying proteins. Spray drying would also open opportunities for the producer to value-add their products.

I’m frustrated with the amount of energy being consumed needlessly
with food miles

What's Next?

Bryan will be continuing to connect with industry, government and interested parties.
Pursuing assistance in finding and applying for grants that will accelerate Aquapares Proof of Concept. There will also be development of an initial proof of concept to support the market engagement and next phases of development.

Program Partners

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