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Hone TEK Program 2

25 Sept 2023



Bryan was born and raised on a dairy farm in Victoria and although he has now left the farm, in his words, ‘the farm never leaves you’. Complementing this deep appreciation for dairy farming, Bryan has a diverse array of skills and qualifications, from being a qualified diesel mechanic to holding an MBA in International Business. These skills and experiences mean that Bryan is, by nature, an entrepreneur and he’s been working on an idea to reduce unnecessary transport and energy costs in the dairy supply chain, all the while benefiting farmers.

Hone Journey

Through the Hone program, Bryan worked on refining his approach to the various customer segments such that he could better quantify and communicate the value proposition of his solution. Part of the drive to build this solution is around supporting farmers and offering different market access points for them, but it also endeavors to reduce unnecessary food miles and energy burn for transporting wet milk supplies around Australia and internationally.

This was a key learning for Bryan as he identified that these value propositions are greatly important in their own right, but trigger very different customer reactions and behaviors. Bryan worked to understand these drivers better to inform his go to market strategy and how to position his solution to drive the best engagement.

Insights gained and guest speakers we heard from, invaluable.

What's Next

Bryan is currently building a functional prototype of his system using materials bought online to showcase to potentially interested parties the feasibility of the concept. Bryan has developed several different marketing tools and pitch resources which he will use to approach different customer segments, together with the prototype, to generate interest in his product and work towards a market-ready MVP.

Program Partners

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