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Amie Kalleske

Ideas Program 3

31 Aug 2020

Amie Kalleske


Amie Kalleske is from a mixed enterprise family farm in Greenock, South Australia. She applied to the program with an idea for bringing artisanal sourdough bread, crackers and other foods from farm to table.

The idea

Amie identified an opportunity to market a paddock to plate experience through the production of sourdough bread using her family farm’s wheat.

The customer discovery process delivered in the program helped Amie to prioritise specific elements of her offering that were aligned to the needs of her customers rather than assumptions. This resulted in Amie feeling confident on what she should focus on when building new products.

Similarly, through interviewing Amie was able to develop a plan to scope different channel strategies which she had not focused on previously.

In 3 short months I have gone from 'I think I could do this thing' to knowing my idea is valuable, viable and worthy. I can't wait to report back to the amazing crew at F2F as I reach milestones and develop new ones going forward. I am incredibly grateful to have been a participant in this program, and I would absolutely recommend it to others.

Program Impact

The program increased Amies confidence dramatically not only in her own capabilities but also evidence that there was a market demand for her solution. She now feels like she can build a strong marketing strategy around her brand and story.

​“The confidence to know I will have a 'proper' business to launch, not just entirely guessing as I go. Especially in the artisan space, it can be challenging to make informed business decisions. I feel I can absolutely do that now.”

​Following the program, Amie has a goal to increase sales to 100 loaves a week in the next month. Similarly, Amie is exploring building an ecommerce platform through a new website build to set up direct payment capabilities.

Amie has also started to build her marketing and sales funnel to attract new customers through social media and increase her database of email subscribers through a monthly newsletter. Over the next 12 months, Amie will increase her focus on wholesale b2b customers and has already secured some initial trial retailers around the Barossa. As her customers grow, Amie will look to start scaling her business through streamlining work-flow and production capacity.

Program Partners

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