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Hone TEK Program 2

25 Sept 2023



Georgios Gkoumas, an accomplished innovator and technologist, is the visionary founder of, a cutting-edge robotics company specialising in automating labour-intensive tasks within broiler operations, specifically within chicken meat farms. Armed with an Advanced Diploma in Computer Systems Engineering, a Certificate in Business Administration, and nearing completion of a Bachelor of Information Technology with a double major in Networking and Cyber Security, Georgios combines technical expertise with an in-depth understanding of the poultry industry.

After three years of hands-on experience in the poultry sector, Georgios identified a crucial yet labour-intensive challenge in broiler sheds. This challenge, integral to bird health, performance, and sales, served as the catalyst for's groundbreaking venture into robotics.

Hone Journey

Throughout the Hone Program, Georgios honed his focus on one validated problem and a potential solution, utilising lean methodology for rapid prototyping and iterations. Key learnings included securing intellectual property protection, exploring funding options, and conducting a competitor analysis for similar solutions within Australia and worldwide.

The resulting “AgroBot” prototype is designed to autonomously operate a daily rotary hoe, enhancing broiler shed litter management, reducing labour costs, and mitigating human-to-bird health concerns. Georgios conducted a comprehensive competitor analysis, differentiating AgroBot from similar solutions in the United States and France.

Noteworthy achievements from the program include a 12-month roadmap, detailing steps from prototype design to first investment round. Georgios has also secured a crucial co-founder, Bill Petridis, a seasoned Chief Technology Officer with 20+ years of project management experience.

Georgios refined his pitch, creating a pitch deck template essential for engaging partners, investors, and grant funding applications. This preparation positions favourably for the upcoming LaunchVIC Agtech Grants Program, crucial for prototype iterations and trials.

Worth every second!

What's Next

Armed with their 12-month roadmap, the team are setting themselves up for trials and prototype iterations, have a clear IP strategy and are well positioned to apply for the LaunchVIC Agtech Grants Program in 2024 to assist with operating costs.

We would welcome the team to consider applying for the Farmers2Founders Harvest Accelerator Program in 2025 provided trialling and prototyping show positive results and early market traction has been demonstrated.

Program Partners

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