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Bootcamp Farmers2Founders Accelerator

The Farmers2Founders Bootcamp Accelerator is a 6 month business support program for producer-led startups and SMEs who are looking for resources and support to accelerate their growth.

The bootcamp provides funding, tailored resources and expert support to help you acquire customers, expand into new markets, and raise capital if required.

The 2020 bootcamp program is delivered fully remotely, and kicks off with 4 days of workshops over two weeks.  After this, you are paired with a business coach for the duration of the program, who you will meet with fortnightly over 6 months.  

The 2020 Bootcamp commences 23 November and runs to early June 2021.

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Applications are now closed 


“Farmers2Founders changed our life. It was such a catalyst for us and came at a pivotal moment. We really needed that direction, the community and mentoring to help us pivot to the right direction. They helped us break everything down and put it back together in a better way, that has set us up for success.”

Fiona Turner - Bitwise Agronomy

Program Overview

The Bootcamp is designed to help you access networks, knowledge and support to grow your business rapidly. 

Set & achieve ambitious goals

6 months of hands-on support from leading coaches

Build your network & learn from the best

Direct support from entrepreneurship, business, and technology experts.

Business idea funding

$10k grant towards your business expenses over program duration

The 2020 Bootcamp commences 23 November and runs to early June 2021.

Applications Closed

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Who is it for?

The Bootcamp is for producer-led off-farm businesses with an existing product and customers.

You might be a producer who value-adds your production to create a unique food or fibre product for consumers, such as a gourmet food, beauty or home brand.

Or, you might be commercializing a software platform, piece of hardware, machinery, process or device that solves a problem on your farm or for your industry.

You have a product that is commercially (or nearly) available, and are looking for help to:

  • Expand your digital footprint to access new customers

  • Expand to new channels, partners or markets

  • Grow the profile of your business through PR and partnerships

  • Find potential employees, supporters, collaborators and/or investors

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Bootcamp 2019

Read more about the 2019 Bootcamp teams and their achievements from the Bootcamp  to 2019 cohort page


How to apply

Applications close Wednesday 21 October.

Submit an expression of interest (EOI)  at the link below to receive a link to the application form. 

You will also receive an invitation to an upcoming short information session where you can ask questions about the accelerator program and hear from a previous Bootcamp producer team.

Applications Closed

“I found [the Bootcamp] to be quite an exceptional program to be part of.  To have others analyse your business in such an intense but supportive environment is a rare opportunity.  To have fresh eyes on what you do and to have to explain and justify choices was hard, but a great way to change the direction and grow the business.  I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Fiona Aveyard - Outback Lamb


Outcomes of the bootcamp

The Bootcamp is for producer-led off-farm businesses with an existing product and customers and designed to deliver:

  • Increased revenue: get more customers through refining your messaging, understanding of available marketing tools and appropriate channels to reach your customers

  • Develop pricing and a business model that will help you become a scalable & sustainable business 

  • Understand your need for capital: develop an understanding of the investment process, prepare your materials, and get introductions to investors

  • Learn management strategies to prioritise and resource your product development and/or business milestones

  • Grow the profile of your business through PR support and access to media training

  • Join a national network of innovative producers, potential customers, investors and technology developers


Application Key Dates

The 2020 Bootcamp commences 23 November and runs to early June 2021.

Applications close Wednesday 21 October.

  • Round 1 interviews Tuesday 27th - Thursday 29th October

  • Round 2 interviews Tuesday 3rd - Wednesday 4th November

  • Successful teams notified announced Monday 9th November


The Farmers2Founders team is hosting information sessions for interested applicants weekly. Sign up for the next information session by filling in the EOI form, and come along with any questions.


Join a close-knit community of entrepreneurial producers building new agtech and value-added businesses.

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Come along to an information session and hear from the F2F team