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In partnership with Farmers2Founders, Wine Australia are looking for innovative business ideas and concepts that solve a problem on farm or for the wine industry. 

If you have an idea, concept or you are an early-stage startup business that is addressing any of the following wine industry challenges we would like to hear from you.

Once you have submitted your idea, you will have access to our online Journey Starter program that will help you to develop your concept/solution further.

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Got an idea?

Are you a grape grower, wine producer, tech developer, student, entrepreneur or research team with an idea or concept to solve a problem for the wine industry?

We are looking for ideas in the following areas:

  • Robotic grapevine pruning (including vision systems, mechanisation, remote pruning, training modules such as virtual/augmented reality training for both human and robotic pruners)

  • No/low alcohol red wine products made from wine grapes

  • Automated vineyard irrigation scheduling including sensing and decision support tools

  • Winery automation, sensing and robotics (including barrel handling, fermentation and storage monitoring)

  • Comprehensive Australian grape vineyard data sets (including variety, change over time, management contact, maintenance and governance of data)

  • Decreased carbon emissions in vineyards including low emissions vineyard machinery; carbon abatement methodologies (including soil carbon, carbon capture from fermentation, algae sequestration and waste water)

  • UV lamps for Botrytis and Mildew management building on available research and open-source specifications

  • Single entry spray diary solutions that allow growers to interact with purchasers systems

  • "Operational Media" opportunities for grape/wine grower groups to engage with each other, share information & data and learn from each other

  • Business model for off-the-shelf data connectivity solutions across all platforms (cell, IoT, Broadband, NBN, LoRaWAN) and may include one-stop-shop consultancy services

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Fiona Turner, Bitwise Agronomy

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Daniel Fishl, EarTrumpet

  • Automated spray tank refilling

  • Yield estimation at multiple time points and phenology stages for grape vineyards (such as pre bud burst, inflorescence emergence, berry set, canopy closure and bunch occlusion)

  • Social enterprise models to support technology adoption for small producers

  • Smoke exposure of vineyards- early risk assessments and removing smoke flavours

  • Open access digital and data platforms to improve profitability and relationships along the wine grape value chain

  • Reduced input (energy, materials, time) wine stabilisation (tartrate, haze protein) processes

  • Decreased waste streams from vineyards and wineries

  • Processes for establishing robust measurements of objective quality parameters that relate grape attributes to wine styles and business models to support their use

  • Mapping data requirements for maintaining wine compliance and improving industry sustainability

  • Removing barriers to zero residue wines and tackling herbicide reliance

  • Accreditation and economic incentivisation associated with the Sustainable Wine growing Australia Program

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