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What is it?

The                          program has been created in collaboration with Meat & Livestock Australia and Straight To The Source.

It is a program specifically for innovative Australian red meat producers (beef, lamb and goat) who are looking for support to explore, validate and commercialise a value-added red meat business. 

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by creating more value for your customers...you will capture more value for your business!

There is a BIG opportunity for red meat producers to capture significant increases in revenue by pursuing value-adding opportunities:

  • Maximise the value of the whole carcass (in some cases up to 5X) and shift away from commodities

  • Diversify farm revenue and capture the actual benefit

  • Transform waste streams into high value products and ingredients

  • Meet the changing needs of consumers with high value, premium food products 

However, we know that building a red meat value add business can be tricky and at times you feel like you are flying solo! 

Well you have landed in the right place!

The                           program will help you to overcome these challenges and provide you with the support, confidence and capabilities to develop a successful value-add venture. 

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Key Information


Stage One: 4 April 2022 (Self-paced online program)

Stage Two: 6 June 2022 (6 week program)

Stage Three: Early Aug 2022 (8 week program)


  • Virtual and in person when possible

What's included

  • Work on your business with the guidance of experienced agrifood coaches

  • Access a comprehensive platform of resources and tools to support the development of your new red meat venture

  • Development of your tailored 12-month roadmap

  • Cohort-based participation

  • Access to our broad network of industry mentors, experts and trusted service providers 

  • Connections to customers and channel partners

  • PR and participation in events

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Do you want to explore a red meat value added business?

Applications are currently closed

Register for an upcoming free introductory workshop

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It has given me the resources and confidence to set out and take a few more steps in the direction of setting up my new idea. It was practical and relevant and the networks and contacts were invaluable. I loved it!

Building a                              business can be tricky! Let us help

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This customised program will help you to build the specific capabilities you need to overcome some of the challenges of building a red meat value-adding business. Don't fly solo!


Essential skills you'll learn

Applications are currently closed

Who should apply?

Butcher Hanging Beef

Deep understanding of consumer trends and whole carcase utilisation

Customer acquisition + sales

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New product development

Labelling and shelf life


Packaging and processing technologies

Idea validation and concept testing with real customers

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Branding, marketing + pitching your business

Food safety and regulatory requirements

Building a viable business model

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Understanding and building your value chain

Are you a red meat producer (beef, lamb or goat) who is looking to explore value-adding but not sure yet what you want to do?


Maybe you are working on a red meat idea with a producer?


Perhaps you are a red meat producer who has already started your own brand and even started selling direct to consumers?


Or maybe you are a producer and you have an idea for a new value-added red meat product?



How to apply?

Expressions of interest are open now!

Click any of the 'submit your EOI' buttons and fill in the simple form. Once you have submitted your form, one of our team will be in touch with you to talk through next steps.

You can also book a 1:1 chat with the team at a time that suits!


Expressions of interest
are open now!

Applications are closed

Register for an upcoming workshop

Currently closed
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How does it work?

The red meat                         program is structured over a 4 month period and is divided into three key stages. Each stage will involve a selection process with a specific number of participants moving through to the next stage. Anyone who submits an EOI will get access to the FREE online program in Stage One.



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Stage One:
Introduction to value adding

  • Self-paced online program

  • 1:1 coaching session 

  • 15 finalists selected to progress to stage 2

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  • 1:1 business coaching

  • Practical group sessions

  • Expert masterclasses

  • Pitch practice

  • 10 selected to progress to stage 3 

Stage Two:
Idea Validation
(6 weeks)

  • Business model design

  • Connection to strategic channel partners + customers

  • 1:1 coaching, mentoring + experts

  • High profile events + PR 

  • Post-program support

Stage Three:
Creating a value-add business
(8 weeks)

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Opens 4 April 2022

Launches 6 June 2022

Launches early Aug 2022

Key Dates

EOIs open

EOIs close


Finalists announced

Program launches

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21 Feb 2022

15 May 2022

16-27 May 2022

30 May 2022

6 June 2022

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$200 billion by 2030

Applications are closed

Register for an upcoming free introductory workshop

Currently Closed

Why Now?

The Australian food and agribusiness sector is predicted to triple in value to $200 billion by 2030. Businesses are poised to unlock new opportunities by meeting the changing needs and behaviours of consumers. Value-adding will be a key source of more sustainable competitiveness, greater differentiation and higher margins.

In particular, traditional industries such as red meat can take advantage of these opportunities by creating  higher value products that align to health and wellness; convenience (snacking); provenance; free from and high protein diets.

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Applications are closed

I believe that projects like this will have a significant impact on the commercial viability of lamb farming, as producers move away from the low margins and unpredictability of commodity businesses into the higher margin and more consumer-focused opportunities of value-adding.